Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit

Nanda Jurela
2 min readJan 23, 2023
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A new lunar year, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are representations of the arts, gentleness, resourcefulness and, if you read between the lines, of peace and prosperity and prosperity through peace. According to this interpretation, the coming months should be more constructive than 2022, marked by higher discernment, the opportunity to get involved in projects that benefit you and your family, and giving more attention to beauty, harmony and unity than to the loudmouths who have grabbed the spotlight for a while but have nothing to offer, except irritation, fear, distraction and regret that you wasted too much time entranced by notorious jerks and fools instead of developing your life and your gifts.

May your coming months be marked by the choice for creativity over spectatorship, for initiative over complaints and repetition, for peace and joy over all its opposites, for growing your wealth instead of being yanked by ideologies that are too old to be an answer to our collective challenges of now.

The year of the Rabbit is also a great time to establish the networks you want to contribute to and to establish a family culture that you can put yourself behind. If you have healed from trauma or are in the process of healing, may the inner work reward you with balance and happiness beyond what you thought was possible for you. If you have connected with “your people” in the last months, or had an unusually resonant rapport with peers, take it as a sign of moving in the right direction!

May the blessings continue.

Funny — yesterday when I was outside, I heard that song by The Strokes, and I found it so easy to “mishear” the lyrics to I Am Making Better Decisions. Ha ha.

Happy New Year. May our creative, cooperative and benign fortune expand.

22 January 2022,

new Moon in Aquarius



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