This Is Tomorrow Calling

Nanda Jurela
2 min readFeb 22


“While history is telling you the same old thing, this is tomorrow calling, let’s stick a new oar in. This is tomorrow calling, y’all, and come on in.”

Lyrics sung by Bryan Ferry

Bird’s Eye View, by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Maybe you have heard versions of the idea that “some people can not show their love too well”. There is a distinction between identifying those people and defending them. There is an even bigger gap between idealising and idolising those people or hoping that in some mysterious way they have transformed themselves into their opposite.

The time you spend on not wanting to accept reality can be put to use on completable aspirations. The results you get from it will be more meaningful and significant to you than anything that you could possibly gain from not accepting reality, from not accepting people as they are, from not accepting the past as it was.

We all revisit some stations in the past — in order to understand ourselves and the events. But in order to make new neural pathways and make experiences that balance out what one is familiar with, you have to welcome exposure to new contents, new impressions and new energies.

That is all the more crucial when you knew environments of apathy, indifference, sufferance and excuses: it is good to open your mind to alternatives and to unfamiliar though promising future environments and future possibilities.

You can accept unacceptable conditions — tell yourself that, and you can detach a bit from what you deem unacceptable. The concept of selecting a role model who embodies healthy traits can be very useful here. You can decide to do what healthy people do — even while you are “not feeling it” and are in doubt about the results. As you train yourself in new habits, your perception will adjust, and your horizon will open. From a more elevated horizon, things look a lot different.

I can say with certainty, though, that kindness keeps looking great from any elevation, while preoccupation with the unkind is a form of warfare / psychological manipulation.

18 February 2023



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