The Common, Reliable, Repeatable And Abundant

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The most satisfying things are rarely highlights. They do not take enormous effort, anxiety, resources to obtain, and they are almost never scarce. On the contrary, many are repeatable experiences that make you feel good and ready to face life as it is.

Excitement is overvalued. Almost everyone turns into an adrenaline junkie before an offering that promises an extraordinary experience; while the non-irritating, nourishing, structure providing experience is totally undervalued: it is considered routine, benign at best, supportive, though non-challenging.

You can draw more satisfaction from the good in your life by asking:

What are the building blocks in my life? What curbs restlessness? What is available to me right now that I can rely on?

By turning your mind to the experience of fullness, to emotionally satisfying pieces, you can renew your perspective about what is vital to you.

This is how you add your feelings to your thinking. And this is how you add satisfaction to already good choices.

22 March 2018



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Nanda Jurela

Nanda Jurela


Writer. Poet. Holistic healing facilitator. Gardener. Entrepreneur. Water activist. Gaia lover. Music lover. Exploring zero waste.