Revelation, In Passing

A person of genuine confidence knows that people are drawn to kindness, fairness and love. That no force, no power game, no manipulation is needed to get the respect, the attention, the joyful recognition of others: for being treated well feels good and continues to feel good.

Though we have been sold a lot of lies about love and power being incompatible, that is an eternal truth. That love is power — and we respond to it.

We respond to it by wanting to be near it. We don’t feel like challenging it, ridiculing it, questioning it; if anything, we want more of it — we want to become that too, a source of love to others…

Just for today, I send more confidence to the good light in humanity. I also hope that the less evolved harvest enough lessons in life for their hearts to open. (That would be quite welcome. It seems urgent too.)

31 March 2016

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Nanda Jurela

Nanda Jurela


Writer. Poet. Holistic healing facilitator. Gardener. Entrepreneur. Water activist. Gaia lover. Music lover. Exploring zero waste.