Not That Again

If while daydreaming, manifesting, or going to a new place, a thought like “oh no, not that again!” rushes through your system, stop right there — and do something else.

That sense of déjà vu or boredom is a signal. You are not creating something new, you are responding to stimuli that link you to the past, you are chewing over the past without noticing it, or it is what it is: you are not excited.

Acknowledge it, then move on, as soon as possible.

To welcome something new, you need curiosity… and a sensation in the body that mirrors curiosity. There are enough things to be curious about, so you don’t need to fabricate curiosity. Be aware of the opposite, because you will not learn too well in that state, and you might recycle then. But you will only make something new while you are intrigued. Being intrigued has little in common with “Oh no, not that again!”

22 October 2015

Special thanks to Corey Glover for singing those words in a way I can never forget. Ha ha.

Art by Serge Zhukov, whose website is

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Nanda Jurela

Nanda Jurela

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