New Moon In September: Keep What Sparks Joy

Nanda Jurela
3 min readSep 18, 2020


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Enjoy the new moon energy today. It is very pleasant.

As the moon starts its fresh cycle, you can start a fresh cycle of satisfying choices.

Renew your body with the harvest of foods you have grown, with vegetables grown by people who can teach you how to grow your food, and with plenty of water and berry and herb infused water. Renew your mind with information that helps you.

Detach from influences that aren’t good for your nerves and for your learning. You will find out later that they were forgettable in your walk. Holding on to stress grows stress — instead of your life. Evaluate your associations as well. This year 2020 has given you enough clues about who belongs into your life and who doesn’t. Letting go is healing. The space that you open up will welcome true and compatible friendships.

Make room for quality experiences — from the micro to the macro. Today is a good day to set that intention.

The moon is in Virgo, the physician of the zodiac. This lunar position affects humans in the digestive system, particularly the stomach; and it affects nature through a boost in fertility — fertility of the whole ecology, including weeds, bugs, and fungi.

Fungi are particularly active when the moon is in Virgo. Do not touch the soil or your fruits today, if you don’t have to. Moon in Virgo is a time when leftovers spoil fast, if left out in the open even a bit longer than necessary. Pick from your garden, or when shopping, only what you will prepare and consume right away. Do not spill droplets of water on stored herbs and vegetables; ideally, do not move them at all. A bit of restraint with all edibles — admiring with your eyes and touching only when necessary — is a good motto when the moon is in Virgo.

The sun sign of Virgo is known to be neat and organized, on top of to-do-lists, observant and exact, and easily triggered by disorder. Whether you experience this day as having some characteristics of Virgo depends on the placements in your birth chart. But you can borrow a few traits from Virgo just for today, become more conscious of your environment and of the things you want to fix and will fix, so that you live lighter and with more joy in the months to come.

Every month, the new moon is a time of cleansing. As you can observe both in your household and in your organism, cleaning takes almost no effort. Our bodies release easily. Water moves dirt and impurities very well. You don’t have to scrub so hard. Laundry and chores can feel like play. Drinking copious amounts of water speeds up elimination. If you feel like cleaning or deep cleaning, well, it is the perfect time to do it! Come clean at my house too. Ha ha.

Happy new moon. Renew yourself. Let go of heavy stuff. It won’t survive in the coming season. The week before solstice is a golden time to decide what you are taking with you into the rest of the year.

Sort. Declutter. Give away. Say good-byes. Keep what sparks joy. Let go of everything else. Let go for the good that is on the way to you.

17 September 2020



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