Monet’s Garden In a Candle

Nanda Jurela
1 min readDec 15, 2022
Affordable olfactory pleasure. I am not being paid for being an appreciative customer.

I am not a fan of scented candles, but Watson’s Candles’ Monet’s Garden is sublime. It smells like tuberose, ylang ylang, plumeria, coconut, orange blossom on some Pacific island rather than how I imagine Giverny smells. There is a touch of lavender and basil in it, too. The scent is a tad powdery, almost milky, somewhat balsamic and never overwhelming, but it has enough presence to affect the energy in a room.

All my favourite notes are in it. It is the most wonderful combination of scents. One could conclude that it was made not for a wide customer base, but for my nose and me. What a delight!

That a lot of people can enjoy it, too, is alright with me. Something so good deserves to be shared.

These candles are going to burn in my home during the winter season.

1 December 2022

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