Homage to Barry White and to the Power of the Erotic

Barry White, born on 12 September 1944–2003

Source, give musicians (and artists) the power that Barry White had. Too many today think they are hot (?) but are merely self-involved and not giving anything that suggests lovemaking or feels even remotely sensual.

Barry White — he knew seduction. The music was luscious, high quality and fun, even prosocial.

Notice the lyrics: no sob stories, no mother blaming, no blaming of an ex or of exes, no hate of feminism, no fear of intimacy, no contempt for children, no worry about his masculinity — none of that, but a departure from all that:

delight in pleasure.

With the implied hope for more. Not only for more pleasure, but for love too.

He got it.

12 September 2015



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Nanda Jurela

Nanda Jurela

Writer. Poet. Holistic healing facilitator. Gardener. Entrepreneur. Water activist. Gaia lover. Music lover. Exploring zero waste. https://nandajurela.com/