Gustav Klimt And The Habitat Of Art

Artistic Osmosis: From Appreciation To Skill

Gustav Klimt’s Pear Tree, completed in 1903

“Countless colours and tones of colours radiate at the same time with mellow and sharp, sweet and savoury scents.”

Gustav Klimt,

born on 14 July 1862

Oh yes, that is how summer feels, smells, sounds and looks to me!

Interesting fact about the painter, apart from being a champion for the Feminine:

Klimt and his peers introduced the idea that “those who appreciate and honour what has been created” should be called artists too, along with the creative.

I find this helpful, because a fan progresses, almost imperceptibly, to becoming more expressive. And art that comes from this love for beauty in all its forms is highly inspired.

Since I was 12, I have not had a day without art. It does not occur to me to let a day pass without noticing something well-made and beautiful.

My poetry and my writing too rises from mindfulness and from being a natural appreciator. By being me, I connect others with their innate creativity too. I find this rewarding and pleasant.

14 July 2015



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Nanda Jurela

Nanda Jurela


Writer. Poet. Holistic healing facilitator. Gardener. Entrepreneur. Water activist. Gaia lover. Music lover. Exploring zero waste.