Earth Sends On 16 February And 23 February 2024

Nanda Jurela
4 min readFeb 16, 2024


Photo by Supratchai Pimpaeng

Dear co-meditators and co-creators of harmonious, lovely and fructuous spaces on Gaia,

welcome to another meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and to our weekly reiki send. Welcome to another Earth Send in February, the month of confident revamps and renewal. I look forward to being with you on the inner planes today. I already held my first reiki session of the day. I am doing three more in the afternoon and evening.

Full disclosure: I am on a brief retreat this weekend. I agreed to this opportunity on (very) short notice. I should arrive there in less than an hour.

Another news, as it pertains to next Friday: on 23 February, I am booked for a workshop that goes for a whole day, too.

So this month, you will do without longer invites to Earth Send. Enter when you are ready, and be welcome! Know that I am with you on the inner planes. I trust that within the useful, felicitous and abundant content that I have shared in the last 18 months, there is something that you can milk, savour and integrate, or that you can pick, or discover upon deep looking, a merit that you want to train, or perhaps you want to reorganize your rooms and schedule so that both support you better and draw out your best.

Your evolution is a gift to everyone you meet. Your leadership is needed in this topsy-turvy moment in time. Do not postpone your next step, your next steps, because you have excuses (we all have good reasons!) or because something about your life is suboptimal and interferes with moving forward, or because your community needs to catch up.

Well, such situations could go on for a long time. What seemingly unmovable settings ask of us is a shift in perspective. Turn your gaze to what you can influence and “turn your back on the mountain” — as Feng Shui counsels, about the situations that do not respond to you.

This is a good time to begin a fresh chapter. The bird’s eye perspective on your life shows you that you can focus on your offering now.

If you have to declutter or remove some obstacles first, go for it. These preparatory and purging activities are going to reward you in the long run. Spring fasting is a common tradition in many cultures. Earth-connected communities have been doing it for a long time and will keep doing it for a long time. You can put your home on a fast, too. Making space, letting go, unloading and clearing out is a prompt and very low cost make-over that you can give yourself and everyone you live with. I have recently reorganized a few rooms and decided that I can commit to another declutter challenge. What is noteworthy about decluttering is that it becomes easier and breezier, the more often you do it. I wouldn’t mind having micro declutters of 15 minutes or less some day in the future.

Are there any interesting developments in your life? Are you learning something that thrills you? What have you been manifesting? Have people approached you to serve in a new way? Have you received a promising offer?

Have you been composting and building up the soil around the property you live on? Compost is a nurturing gift to the soil that revives, fertilizes and stabilizes the earth in your neighbourhood. Your kitchen scraps are your soil’s enrichment. What are you planting this year? What seeds have you sown so far?

How have you been treating yourself? What is the status quo of your self-care?

Are you spending more time with the people you love? Are you spending more time on activities that make you feel grateful to be alive? How was your Valentine’s Day? How did you make your partner feel cherished this week? Have you connected with someone who might become your next partner, your husband or wife? Have you expanded your network of peers and friends who you can rely on in a crisis?

How are you feeling?

Leave me a message below. I always enjoy hearing about the progress you make.

Many things in the well-documented reality that our screens bring to our minds do not spark joy. Let us bring our attention back to ourselves and direct it to pursuits that we can affect.

May this and next Friday rejuvenate, replenish and inspire you.

The next invite will go out on 1 March.

Itadakimasu, in gassho.

16 February 2023



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