Earth Send On 5 April 2024

Nanda Jurela
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Wild Crocus, First Kiss of Spring, by Daphne Mennel @

Aloha, Ohana, ciao, saluton, hi, how is everyone so close to the solar eclipse next week?

In my corner, we may have had the last cold snap before spring gets to shine. I have noticed growth spurts on all my plants, those that will be moved outdoors soon and those that stay in for (almost) the entire year. The longer light and the greenery’s activation raise both energy and delight. I too live on the frequency of plants, ha ha! Spring comes in like an appetizer of what the year might become or will be, and its charm leaves us smitten.

Plenty of shifts have occurred in the last months. I anticipate a lot of good. For all I know, it may be around the corner!

I am returning to a slightly more formal invitation on Fridays that reaches both our committed co-creators and our newcomers who participate for the first time. The goal was to streamline the process of reaching you on time. Now you can skim over what you already know and read up on the contents that are new to you.

You can use this invitation to drop into expanded awareness and into the field of merits accumulated by over 900 healing circles. It also serves to refresh your mind that the healing circle is happening and that you can join with your creativity tools and sincere wishes for the world.

Offering a more structured invitation that I update according to season and the needs of the moments is a better use of my time, too. In the last months, I ended up editing for too long, only to realize later that I chopped off too much and that I forgot to include subject matters I looked forward to sharing! Giving this invitation a somewhat more predictable shape liberates my attention and a block of time for self-care on Fridays that I long for all week, especially in busy months. So I hope that this adjustment will bake several cakes in one oven!

I am contemplating how I can feature references, for your prompt retrieval, too. The end of the coming invitations may be a good place? Earth Send essays might start to look scholastic then. But if you need to look up something, it would be in one spot.

Another option could be to offer a handful pages of FAQs (frequently asked questions). Let me experiment with it.


Land and Watershed Acknowledgement

Before we head into our reiki session, connect with the land under your feet. Connect with the appreciation and care given to it by its first people who lived off the land and tended it and who found their life teachings in it. We acknowledge the link between human beings and territory. We say thanks for the opportunity to shape our corner and add fertility and pleasure and food and our good memories and our unique gifts to this soil that we are on.

We also connect with our watershed, our local source of life and refreshment.


Group Focus For this Session

Well-being of all life.

Sanity and harmony and unity.


Personal Intention For this Session

Express it now.

An example of it could be

“May my participation serve the enlightenment of countless beings”.

“I welcome all the resources I need, and I am generous and respectful with my own abundance.”

“By being with this Circle, may I draw to me what is for my higher good.”

“By being with this Circle, may I discover what I am compatible with.”

You can borrow these words. You can also articulate your own dedication and intent.

By formulating an intention for your meditation, you train your mind to make the best of your time, both sacred and mundane. You also personalize and bring yourself into an experience that may seem general and not so outlined: it highlights your own life within the web of life.

Our lives are where our power, our agency and our life force is. So we bring our focus to the life we know and live.

If you want more ideas about how to set an intention that is dear to you, ask yourself:

  • What do I hope for in this session?
  • What energies do I want to anchor in the place I dwell in?

I am fond of you, deep divers! Finding the language that you can put yourself behind and that moves you down to your core is of another caliber, of course! You will grow a harvest of results that are congruent with your mindset.


Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

Santosha / contentment, with Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome, co-creators, welcome friends, to this feel-good Friday in early April. Welcome to our meditation for the utter well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

We find security in the Earth Send (sangha), in the five precepts of reiki (dharma) that express right conduct, adaptive balancing, good will and readiness to take in the good that is available in the now and here and in the wisdom keepers we open our hearts and minds to (buddha).


The five reiki precepts are

Just for today

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will work honestly

I will honour my teachers and elders

I will be grateful for all the blessings I enjoy


I have mentioned before that some reiki rules are more accessible and more popular than others.

“Honest work” and “honour teachers and elders” tend to be the most controversial ones and wake up resistance. I have offered benign slants to these matters before, so that you take in these recommendations with a pure attitude.

Often, pain is associated with those topics, or too much intellectualization — mind wanking, philosophizing and dissociation, what have you. Well, noone is being asked to hammer away at a mind-numbing, underpaid or difficult job only to satisfy some precepts; and noone is being asked to respect disrespectful relatives and ancestors or educators who crossed boundaries.

Rather, what is being recommended is to consider that our contribution to our own communities matters and has dignity — after all, we exchange our service and time for other services and goods, so why not bring our good attitude to it — and that we connect in gratitude with people before us to whom we are truly grateful.

The interpretation “Just for today, I will work honestly on my life” goes down a bit easier in our time. Particularly people in the helping professions dig it. In Japan of the late 19th or the early 20th century, it is unlikely that this phrase would have been uttered, or even comprehended in the ways that we understand it today. But if it is the closest you allow yourself to come to “honest work” without getting flustered and bent out of shape, go with that. I say that not because I myself support rewriting, but because I know that we train with the weights we can handle and not with the weights we can not.

What has value can rarely be grasped in an instant.

Journeys have a right to exist, too, you know. It is thanks to journeys that we can start wrapping our minds around contents that we genuinely could not fathom with the horizon, or the maturity, we had before we went on that first journey.


The Earth Send

June 2005 — now

This Earth Send will be 19 years old in late June. We who were here from the start have near-perfect attendance. Can you believe it — 19 years of Fridays?!! Love for reiki and Gaia are unstoppable!

We Sync

On Fridays

By day only. Not by the hour.

From the 24 hours available in your region on Fridays, choose a time that works best for you.

Stick with it for your convenience and ease.

Benefit To Our Participants

An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers you prompt and cumulative boons: you can take a bath in the good energy right away. The energy is ready for everyone who wants to come in.

Come on in!

Meditators, Well-wishers, Co-creators

Participants who do not practise reiki, can meditate with our circle, bring good thoughts and start playing with the few creativity tools that I have outlined. Creativity tools are interactive and fun, complement self-discovery, deep relaxing and meditation, and yield exponential results in a short time.

The tool kit of 3 creativity tools for the sessions consists of

– your gratitude container that holds your lists, symbols and keepsakes of gratitude

– your map of your desired reality (with visual — or alternatively, kinesthetic, olfactory, musical and sensually engaging — representations of where you see yourself,

and if possible, with action steps that break down your large vision in achievable mini goals)

– your Gallery of Mudita

Your Gallery of Mudita is a selection of advisors, confidants, mentors and role models.

Remember to keep the Gallery of Mudita human and that it is the one tool where you do not put yourself into.

This tool grew out of the exercise “Gather Evidence” that what you are aiming for has been achieved by someone before you, in a resembling enough form to what you are going for.

Pets and small children are great motivators to change your life, too, but they do not belong in the Gallery of Mudita. Unless you are looking to emulate them. As fun as that sounds — don’t. They can not give you feedback. Your Gallery of Mudita is a place of people who you look up to, who can counsel you and hold you accountable.

Extraterrestrials, mythical creatures, novel heroes, life forms that do not talk in plain language might have a special place in your heart. Do not add them to your Gallery of Mudita, either. This creativity tool is about living people who you can model yourself on, get real life and practical advice from and who can suggest steps you can do now, with what you have.

Reiki Practitioners

We who practise and teach reiki are sending reiki to our circle first and to our creativity tools.

We hold the vision of you in utter health and utter joy — with or without your toolkit of the big three.

It is simply better that you bring them along. Reiki will circulate through them and support where you are heading.

After we let reiki circulate through our creativity tool kit and our circle, we are sending reiki to all the names on our reiki request lists.


A Word On Urgent Situations, Emergencies, Caretaking Commitments, Burnout And Other Sudden Crises

If you are facing urgent or existential, first chakra problems, or you have an acute illness, or are exhausted, or you have very demanding young children, older relatives or defiant teenagers to cope with — please take care of it and your own well-being first… before you imagine that you are doing something “positive” by leaking what little energy you have left.

People who never dealt with such stressors and rarely exert themselves have no idea what it is like.

In theory, we do not lose our vital energy by sending reiki; but in reality we can be depleted before we send reiki.

Although many practitioners have claimed that we fill our cup by giving reiki, I will say this: it does not happen simultaneously.

We are not a hollow bone when we are maxed out, burdened, occupied or shaken up by draining circumstances. We can let in reiki even when we are tired, and it will do its thing.

But reiki can pass through us pure when our vessels are pure and the less we actually need it and the less agitated our minds are.

Some chapters of our lives require that we adapt to a lifestyle that is less of a picnic. Stress may be a sign that some things will need to “give”, and that we shift gears and make room for more self-care. On the other hand, stress is also part of the human experience and part of being alive today.

Please be compassionate to the weary. Please be compassionate to yourself when you are weary.

Those who insist that the universal life energy is as stable or as abstract as a mind construct have an intellectual approach to reiki and may not feel reiki passing through in the same way as feelers and more integrated practitioners do.


Healing Requests

Our personal lists for reiki and good thoughts / lightwork

Group lists for reiki and good thoughts / lightwork

Both lists are being treated with healing today

You Want to Request Reiki

It is shared with the group (with as much and little info as you request)

You Want to Request Other Healing

For example, good thoughts, spiritual support, lightwork.

Specify the kind of spiritual support you want.

You Request Reiki and Good Thoughts For Yourself

Do your part. Work on and with your request.

Unless you are in the position where all you can do is receive, we promote self-responsibility. Contribute to your wellness and your good and make moves in the direction of your goal. Also update us about positive changes, your successes, the easing of your condition and other good news.

Be Fair to the Group

We are rooting for you to get better, to obtain what you desire, to learn what you wish to learn, to reach a wonderful quality of life!

Reminders to personal responsibility and personal initiative are a must since the pile of “been there, done that” got a bit too heavy.

It is not a failure of reiki, of the group’s support, or of top quality instruction when someone is not showing up for their goals and what they asked healing for.

I was crushed enough times, not just once, or shall I say heart-broken, when I learned that recipients had flaked out, became covertly ambivalent about their goals and self-defensive, but had not done the minimum to get things rolling. I went soul searching after, if perhaps I was doing the same in some other area of my life, and at the end of it, I put forward the request for more fairness toward the group.

Alright. Fear is real. If your goal floods you with fear, (it happens to the best of us!), choose another construction site that you can fix within a reasonable time. Work yourself up to facing your big goal by completing smaller and less frightening goals. As you check off less anxiety-ridden matters that also need to get done, you will figure out whether your goal is frightening because it has to do with you, or because it has nothing to do with you.

Both insights are more common than not.

“I know that this is for me, and I am nervous!” (Thrilled, anticipatory nervous.) And, “I now see that this was not for me, and my anxiety told me that it was not mine.” (Bodily reaction to steering off course, a bit at least.) See the difference?

We can only determine what is what when we act on behalf of our desires, do not let fear stop us and cooperate with our process.

Asking for something sets things in motion. So it is good to look deeply into what we are requesting.

The essence of what we are asking for can be had through a variety of channels and experiences.

By placing yourself into the emotional energy of “self-worth”, “love”, “wealth”, “perfect well-being”, “awe”, “gratitude”, to name a few sought-after essences, will already make you more receptive to it. Give it a try.

Let me repeat:

Please ask for healing for yourself too, if all you can do is receive.


Gaia, All My Relations, and Interbeing

Restorative Reciprocity

The earth is a community of life forms. Many indigenous and old languages do not have a word for loneliness. The earth is not exactly a planet of loneliness. Even if subjective reality suggests solitariness or “loneliness”, and you are joining here as a single person, and perhaps you have recently split from old associations, you have trees outside of your home and a plant or a pet in your house.. Open your mind to your community and its needs, and become more conscious of relations and relational reality…

Do not use temperament, learning style, astrological predispositions or “geography” as an excuse to not develop a circle of friends. When you are heading toward middle age, it is key to surround yourself with people you can rely on.

Rainbow Tribe Reiki is a communal type of reiki, inspired by the communal and relational reality of our planet.

We support all efforts to become wiser and live better and more connected.

Team Up!

Now more than ever is an auspicious time to be a good neighbour and to get involved in community and ecological restorations and in peacemaking, which is where you can find people with solid values.

How To Do Your Part

If you have a chronic challenge or recurring issue, help yourself as much as you can.

If you are addicted or are at risk of softer addictions, contact a 12 step program and work the steps with a sponsor.

If you struggle with mental health or physical health issues, reach out to medical health providers.

Do not lean on spirituality alone to help you heal. Reiki is powerful, so is meditation — when we are participants in our healing.

Work on yourself will help you focus the mind, regulate your nervous system and become more effective in your life, able to ask for what you need, connect with appropriate networks, and reach out.

It is a “yes, and” journey.


Healing Requests For the Land

Spiritual support for any region that is in the process of peace building and stabilizing its climate and its society will be given gladly. It can become a focus for the day.

You might get a request that tugs at your heart and not know how to communicate it, or decide that you will work on it in quiet. Respect what you picked up. Know that this setting is ready to receive your healing. Imagine it fully healed, humming with vitality, and loved.



What made you smile this week?

Run the (Taoist) Inner Smile through your body today.



How is your self-care now? Have you been kinder to yourself? How do you feel about self-kindness now?

Beyond getting enough sleep, eating plant food, drinking plenty of water, exercice, and grooming, what else could self-care be to you?

Consider that putting your life in order is a great gift to your loved ones, to humanity and to yourself.

How would you know that you are treating yourself well and that you are well taken care of? How would you feel?

Self-Care Reminder For the Coming Week:

Do a little something that fills your batteries. It can be short and sweet. Do not skip it.


May this Friday tickle your fancy, fuel wonder and make you very grateful that you are alive.

Itadakimasu. I bow to love, to solution orientation and to thriving.

5 April 2024



Nanda Jurela

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