Earth Send On 3 May 2024

Nanda Jurela
18 min readMay 4, 2024


Daffodils. 3 May 2024. © NJ

May, you are a treat! What gorgeous changes to the land you bring. Aloha.

Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

Santosha / contentment, with Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome to Earth Send. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome, meditators. Welcome, co-creators. Welcome, friends. Welcome, reiki lovers, to this fine Friday in mellifluous May.

The Earth Send

June 2005 — now

Our 19th anniversary is in 7.5 weeks. Look at us, still doing it. Nothing and noone can take away our love for Mother Earth. Respect! We rock hard, ha ha.

We Sync

On Fridays

By day only. Not by the hour.

From the 24 hours available in your region on Fridays, choose a time that works best for you.

Then stick with it for your convenience and ease.

How You Benefit From Participating

An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers you immediate and cumulative benefits: you can take a bath in the good energy right away. The energy is ready for everyone who wants to come in.

Come in. Be welcome.


Meditators, Well-wishers, Co-creators

Reiki-curious participants who are not practising reiki yet can meditate with us:

  • Bring your good thoughts!
  • And start playing with the creativity tools that have become integral to our Friday sessions.

These creativity tools go well with each other, support meditation, open your mind to purpose and pleasure and to wisdom and input from intuition.


Creativity Tools #1, #2, #3

The first three creativity tools are

#1 your Bucket List, your Vision Map or Action Map, or your Vision board

#2 your Gratitude Container

#3 your Gallery Of Mudita


Creativity Tool Kit For Sessions

You found a spot for your original creativity tools #1 — #3 and you do not want to damage or move them.

In the coming Earth Sends, you will use travel-ready, heavy-duty and palm-size versions of your creativity tools #1, #2, and # 3. — That is your session tool kit.



The bucket list contains no more than 12 items, ideally 3–6, or the 1 big thing that you want to experience in this life.

Action or vision maps or vision boards are stylish alternatives to your bucket list and how your creativity tool #1 could look like, too. They were lumped together as creativity tool #1 to accommodate a variety of expressions and preferences.

These sketches, outlines or lists tell you what is important to you and what you are going to manifest.

If you are new to it all, and have no craft materials, glue and scissors, magazines, travel ads, catalogs with appealing pictures on hand, a simple and brave list will do as your first creativity tool #1.

First Draft: Use Your Hands

Mind and hands communicate in a more engaging way than your fingertips on a keyboard can with the state of mind you are in while looking at a gadget. It is simply not the same. Keep your first draft, your very first version of all your creativity tools, especially #1, non-digital.


A bulletin-like declaration is motivating, so give it a place that lets you “soak in the memo”.

In some settings, keeping your have-to or to-do lists away from other people’s (prying) eyes may be a better move. Make it easy to retrieve and then vanish from sight into a private spot, like a bag, a slip pocket, or a zipper folder. Your portable bucket list / vision map / vision board fits this purpose well.

#1 For the Session

A photo of your map / list.

Or an ID card sized print. Preferably in a protective silicone sleeve. 1–12 goals fit on it. Voilà!



Your Gratitude Container is a larger vessel, a box of a generous cut or a notebook with plenty of pages and surface to write into.

Objects that serve as gratitude containers could be a shoe box, an Asian appreciation vase, a mason jar, a bag, a zipper folder, a substantial and not an itsy-bitsy journal.


It is good to keep it in one spot. It reminds you to deposit your items of gratitude and subtly charges that corner with the energy of gratitude.

By the bed is an excellent home for your gratitude container. Seeing it first thing in the morning reminds your awakening mind of everything that you want to say thanks to; if you wake up at night, you can scribble into it and go back to sleep; in the evening, you can sum up your day’s highlights, all that was good and great about it and all that you want to repeat.

If you share your bedroom with a partner, invite him (or her) to join you in writing down feelings of gratitude about his (her) day and to savour them before bedtime. For many couples, this simple ritual led to deep and enjoyable conversations and emotional intimacy that strengthened their bond. Learn from the best.

#2 For The Session

A portable version of your gratitude container is a light-weight journal with a softer cover. Drop it into your day backpack or bag, and you can write and draw into it in the many places you find yourself at.



Your Gallery of Mudita is one spot for your team of advisors, mentors and role models, people who have achieved something that you hope to materialize, too. Hopefully, most of them are still alive. And they are human.


Bring their names, photos or portraits together in one spot. For example, on a shelf, in an album, in a clear stadium bag, in a clear box or in a notebook.

#3 For The Session

The portable Gallery of Mudita is a soft copy that fits into your palm. For example, a photo. Or a foldable (larger) print on paper or a natural fabric. Bandanas and flags lend themselves to featuring people you look up to and are grateful for, and they are so versatile and cheerful. A paper print with your Gallery of Mudita on it can become the inside or the front cover of your portable gratitude notebook.

Be creative. Playful objects are fun to use.

Mikao Usui, Spiritual Ancestor To All Reiki Practitioners

Because his teachings and legacy are still alive in us, and he brought us together in the practice of reiki, Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki, is a candidate for everyone’s Gallery of Mudita.

What Does Not Belong Into the Gallery Of Mudita

I appreciate environmental affirmations of what a person holds sacred and find them immensely strengthening for the individual. So I am not going to be too strict if indeed you want to feature long gone and never met wise men and women. For example, characters from scriptures who encourage you to be a better human being and rise above the expectations of milieu, statistics, confining or weighing down conditions, naysayers, disaster fetishists, those who would rather gossip and warn than help, competitors who will be shocked to learn how much they had underestimated you, and the miserable who lost another potential companion.

(Having dealt with a lot of such energies, too, and having risen above their designs for me more than once every year and since I was born, ha ha, I empathize with everyone who tries to do the same, and I say: Help yourself in every way you can.

Going forward, and for balance, I plan to add more people to my address book who are not too shy to ask “How can I help?” and mean it, in other words, Gallery of Mudita candidates.)

Let me offer a rule of thumb here: who you can not call and ask for a consultation is not for your Gallery of Mudita.

Give motivational figures, life forms and objects who can not give you feedback, tips and instructions in clear language some other worthy place.

Motivators like

  • figurines or depictions of deities
  • pets
  • your children or babies
  • fictional heroes
  • ETs and starseeds
  • spirit guides, angels and friendly entities from subtle realms
  • totem animals
  • sheddings from power animals
  • mineral kingdom favourites
  • plant allies, lucky bamboo, much loved plants

are mood boosters, wonderful to exhibit and “take in”.

You can bring photos of your mini oases to our sessions.

Keep these contents out of your Gallery of Mudita.

Other Ambiental Supports

that help you meditate, relax and keep your mind alert and receptive are terrific.

Give them their own home. Do not fuse them with your Gallery of Mudita, neither in session, nor in your groupings at home or in a practitioner’s office.

They can be

  • meditation music, mantras, cymbals, bells, drums, singing bowls
  • meditation cushion, straw mat, yoga mat
  • aromatherapy lamp, pure essential oils, tiger balm, orange blossom water, rose water, herb cuttings and seasonal, edible potpourris
  • water fountains
  • candles
  • stretchable, soft clothes
  • all other festive extras that enrich the experience and cue your mind to “This is sacred time. This is meditation.

Freedom From Clutter For Tranquility

A clutter free space sets the mood for meditation and introspection. We live with sensory, visual and info overload, so it is calming to the nervous system and to our senses to clear the space from distractions and stuff.

Just this week, I felt inspiration flow in on the day after a vigorous clean-up. I am not an exception here.

Editing rather than decorating can evoke the feeling of a sanctuary.

Spaciousness, freshness, a clean slate. Look at nature: everything that our eyes take in as a large, smooth surface has a tidying and decompressing effect on the mind: the cloudless blue sky, the night sky, the body of water during a gentle breeze or no wind at all, open spaces in the land…

So a clean and streamlined space with no knick-knacks or perhaps colour coordinated in a matchy-matchy palette can be a superb ambiental support for meditation and reiki sends.


Reiki Practitioners

All our reiki practitioners are sending reiki to everyone present here and their tool kit.

We hold the vision of our circle in complete health and complete joy — whether or not you are working on topics and have a tool kit.

For future Earth Sends, bring your tool kit to the sessions. It will amp up your experience and make you feel included, involved and inspired! Reiki will circulate through your tool kit and support where you are heading.

After we have let reiki circulate through our circle and our tool kits, we send reiki to all the names on our reiki request lists.


Healing Requests and Personal and Group Healing Lists

Do Your Part

If you have requested reiki for yourself, do your part to recover from what you want help for and to manifest your wish.

For example:

You requested: assistance to pair up with a suitable partner for life or spouse

You commit to: going on dates, accepting invitations to interesting events where someone like a likely mate could show up, introductions to people your friends recommend and people who know you well want to match you up with, being proactive at expanding your circle, introducing yourself to people you find interesting, charming and appealing, getting to know people you feel good with

You requested: assistance to deal with test anxiety before an exam or near the end of a training and graduation

You commit to: learning for the exam, showing up to class and tests, prioritizing learning, curbing distractions, working on your learning style, if necessary, communicating with your teachers, getting your certificate

You requested: reiki to buy that house, that vehicle, or that thing that symbolizes joy, a win, an achievement, something elating to you

You commit to: house hunting and comparing, test driving vehicles and gathering info, research before you buy, getting your finances ready for the purchase, making a decision which one you will take, and, of course, rocking it!

You requested: lightwork to sell your house

You commit to: putting it on the market, following basic home staging recommendations, making yourself available to buyers who want to see the property and signing the deal

You requested: assistance for a new job

You commit to: reaching out to employers who could use your skills, whose pay, reputation, and work culture you like, participating in the industry-specific process of getting hired, like sending out your applications and reminders that you are still ready to work there, staying in touch with the human resource team, until you get invited for a job interview or the series of job interviews, signing the contract and showing up on day 1

You requested: good thoughts for or a move to a place you haven’t lived in before

You commit to: moving in, making yourself comfortable, exploring your new neighbourhood, getting recommendations from locals

You requested: good vibes and energetic assistance to finish your book, your painting, your course or workshop

You commit to: writing your book, finishing the last chapter, editing or getting an editor, and putting it on the market; completing your painting and getting it ready for the exhibition or sale; organizing, polishing up and offering your course to target audiences

And so on.

Of course, all that sounds sensible. Well, there is a reason why these guidelines were introduced and why we want enough participation from you to complete the aims we have been asked to send you reiki for. As we assist you energetically to manifest what you desire, do your part, do what you can, and it will happen.

Cooperate With Your Request To the Best of Your Ability

It is par for the course that you can do more than you thought. Once you get going and begin the manifestation process, you will discover that there is more to do than you imagined. (You will discover too that a number of projects failed due to low effort. This insight should not stress you out: it is simply accurate, cause and effect. You know exactly what I am talking about.) Few situations are so low maintenance that you can bring them to fruition by neglect or estranged detachment. It is possible, though not the norm or nutritive enough.

Participate in your wish manifestation and in your healing.

Be Fair To the Group

Be fair to the group means that you agree to inform us when you no longer need healing and assistance. Let us know about your success, when you have manifested what you have asked support for, and have good news to share!

Inform us, too, when you have changed your plan and are focusing on a new thing.

Healing Requests For Other People, Animals and Bioregions

You can request healing for other people, too, and for animals and regions in peril.

Indicate the type of healing that you are requesting: prayers, good thoughts and lightwork can be offered always, reiki needs consent and a “yes!” from the recipient.

Keep updating the group about these cases as relief is happening, as the symptoms lessen and as good news become available.


Gaia, All My Relations, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Interbeing

Team Up

Now more than ever is an auspicious time to be a good neighbour and to get involved in local restorations of the ecology, in repairs to community spirit, in peacemaking and other activism that tugs at your heart. This is where you will find people with your values who team work for a common goal and make great peers and friends for life. Caring for the same cause fosters camaraderie and a sturdy, true and exceptional rapport between people. That is what we call compatible life paths! Well, oh well, maybe your future spouse is in one of these groups, too.

In all English speaking countries, there are free support groups, like 12 Step Programs, such as Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families, Codependents Anonymous, AlAnon, Debtors Anonymous, Underearners Anonymous. Most holistic practitioners have a history or baggage with at least one of these patterns, so those are places to connect with.

All over the world, there are low cost support and peer groups, cooperatives around a health condition that we want to improve, animal rescue centres that frequently invite volunteers to come forward.

There are also affordable networks like creativity and writing groups, sport, book and hobby clubs. Music events, dance and instrument practice and other recreational programs tend to cost, but may be in your budget, if you ask and look for it.

Local permaculture meet-ups, foraging, mushroom picking and native plant identification walks, food preservation and cooking classes, native seed exchanges and plant swaps have become popular in the last few years — for a reason. Fabulous!

It doesn’t all have to be heavy and cut deep for it to be a transformation and the best chapter of your life.

After the years of stay-at-home orders, we had collective and private insights about what kinds of friends we want more of and that isolating is not a life-style that leads to good outcomes.

Learn About Your Village, Town, Or City

Its geography, its history, and its good movements in the now that may be fun to be part of.

Restorative Reciprocity

Rainbow Tribe Reiki is a communal type of reiki, inspired by the Earth’s template of life forms benefiting each other and forming networks and community.

We support all efforts to become wiser and to live better and more connected.


Group Focus for this Session

Well-being of all life.

Sanity and unity and harmony.


Personal Intention For this Session

Useful questions to ask yourself are

What do I hope for in this session?

What energies do I want to anchor in the place I dwell in?

in order to come up with an intention that you can put yourself behind and that benefits both you and the web of life.

Intentions that could work for many participants are:

“I welcome all the resources I need. And I respect, and I am generous with, my abundance.”

“May my participation serve the enlightenment of countless beings.”

“By being with this Circle, I draw to me what is for my higher good.”

“By being with this Circle, I discover what I am compatible with.”

“By being with this Circle, I connect with what I resonate with.”

“For the highest good of all. For my highest good, too.”

By formulating an intention for your meditation, you train your mind to make the best of your time. You also personalize and bring yourself into an experience that could feel too vast and barely relatable or affecting you, as it centres you in your own life that is a small, but dynamic piece in the web of the living world.

Our life is where our power, our agency and our life force is. So we bring our awareness to the life that we live and know.


Inner Smile

Run the Taoist Inner Smile through your body now.

Remember to run it through your body once a day, at least, in the coming week.


Land and Watershed Acknowledgement

Ancestors and Heirs To the Land

As we move into our reiki session, we connect with the land under our feet. We connect with the respect its first people gave it — by observing its peculiar traits, the water cycle and its ebb and flow, and how sky and earth interact –, and with the joy at harvest festivals and other celebrations of good news. Yes, the original residents tended the land like it was a treasure, because it was their treasure, their provider of food, entertainment, appreciation, spiritual observations, memorable life lessons and reasons to get together. They identified and propagated edible and medicinal plants, built up and beautified the land and made it more fertile and useful to the community. We acknowledge the link between land and human beings and all who walked and grew here before us.

We say thanks for the opportunity to shape our corner with our individual gifts and our awareness of the good fortune we have been given and to increase its hardiness and vitality and productivity and felicity.

May we be the continuation of the people who poured their love into the land.

We think of our ancestral lands and the known, to us, regions where our genes came from. Can we support these regions in some way? Can we support the people in these regions who are working to rejuvenate the rivers, clean up the drinking water, make the land fertile, prosperous and beautiful? Allow thoughts to come to you. Send your blessings to the places where your ancestors lived and grew food.

We also connect with our watershed, the local source of life, refreshment and purification. Thank you, water. Please forgive us, water. We love you, water.


Reiki Precepts And Reiki Practice

On this day, we take refuge in the Earth Send (sangha), in the five precepts of reiki (dharma) that relate good conduct, self-correction, good will, amity and readiness to take in the good in the now and here, and in the wisdom keepers we open our hearts and minds to (buddha).


The five reiki precepts are

Just for today

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will work honestly

I will honour my teachers and elders

I will be grateful for all the blessings I enjoy

We do not just recite the words, we take the opportunity to contemplate how closely we hit the mark, and we adjust. We discover what the precepts have been telling us about how to live a fulfilling, unencumbered and fortunate life.

We are grateful to the people who already live by these precepts, and we cheer for them.

Resistance, Uh Oh! Being Human

It is key to become honest in the practice. Sometimes we struggle with one precept or another. We are human. If we were pure little angels working for peace in the universe, the precepts would not be necessary.

On Fatigue

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” Banksy

Remedies For Practitioners

Reiki Self-Treatment

Ask for reiki for yourself. We are here. Hello!


Do not seek advice from people whose vices and “fruits” you wouldn’t want. It will disorient you, kindle rumination and put a break on your reaching out to people who want to assist you.



What made you feel glad to be alive this week?

Are you becoming more aware of your energy? When you are in overflow, when you are taxed and maxed out, and when you are in harmony?

Can you detect activations in any of your manifestation goals, or serendipity?

Write about it. Deposit your words into your gratitude container.



What is your self-care like?

Have you become kinder to yourself since you have been meditating with us and reading my writings?

What is your sleep like?

When was your last regular medical check-up? Do you need to see a physician, a dentist, a dental hygienist?

Do you eat the right foods for your body? Or do you need to course correct?

What supplements do you do well on? Have you been taken them?

Do you drink enough water? How can you remind yourself to drink enough water?

What about exercice? How is it going?

Have you experimented with a different work-out lately?

Is there anything about your grooming routines that you would like to take to another level?

What is up with your finances and red tape issues? Are you in the red or in the black? Are your licenses and IDs up to date?

Is your home inspiring you?

Is your work desk inspiring you?

How would they feel more inspiring?

What do you think of your use of time? Do you get enough downtime? Do you feel understimulated? Do you feel overstimulated?

Imagine yourself being organized and on top of things. How does that feel?

Imagine yourself recharged, self-composed and serene. How does that feel?

Imagine being well taken care of. How does that feel?

What area of self-care that I haven’t touched upon is calling to you lately, or feels urgent?

When are you starting with it?

Record what comes to mind as you reflect on these questions.

You probably have a few platinum insights!


Self-Care Reminder For the Coming Week:

From your replies, choose something that you will put into action in the coming seven days.

Go over those platinum insights. Break them up into steps that you are going to take this month.

Upkeep Of Creativity Tools

Give some thought to your creativity tool kit and polish up the rough edges.


A Word of Advice:

The creativity tools are almost deceptively soft and playful, and they have an impact.

Leave Space For Gaps

if you are unsure of what you want.

Be Responsible

to your commitments and to yourself!

First Things First

All emergencies, SOS scenarios and situations that need your prompt response have to take priority. There are next steps that are more pressing than an item on your bucket list (that is meant for the long term), at least temporarily. Regular, overlooked and basic things hold an impressive potential for awakening, too.

Personal Development and Interbeing

You have things you came here to do. And you are here to be.


What To Look Forward To

This month is spoiling us with opulent and memorable vistas. As we are heading into the warm season, collect a few sensations, scents, views and blissful moments for your Island of Self.

May this Friday augment your regard for all that is going well for you and boost your joy of living.

I am grateful for the progress I notice while applying Feng Shui principles to the interiors that I walk around in. I feel that I am getting the hang of it, although I am still a student.

I bow to the universal life energy flowing through us all. I humbly receive.

“See you” next Friday.

3 May 2024

Daffodils on 3 May 2024



Nanda Jurela

Writer. Poet. Educator. Holistic healing facilitator since 1995. Water, Gaia, music lover. Garden grower. Mindfulness appreciator.