Earth Send On 26 April 2024

Nanda Jurela
13 min readApr 27, 2024


Ephemeral and soon-to-be-processed magnolia blossoms in my neighbourhood. Always a delight, even when slightly burned by the sun
© NJ, 24 April 2024

Aloha. What a lovely season we have entered!

Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

Santosha / contentment, with Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome, meditators, co-creators, friends and reiki lovers, to this fresh Friday in verdant April. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

The Earth Send

June 2005 — now

Only 60 days left until our 19th anniversary! 19 years of Fridays are so easily said, and of course, I experienced them consciously, but from a neutral stance, I find it astonishing, both the number and that we are still doing it!

One of my better decisions so far. Certainly! Fridays have been the highlight of my week since our first session in the summer of 2005. My respect and love goes out to you all. Nothing and noone will take away our love for Mother Earth.

We Sync

On Fridays

By day only. Not by the hour.

From the 24 hours available in your region on Fridays, choose a time that works best for you.

And stick with it for your convenience and ease.

How You Benefit From Participating

An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers you prompt and cumulative benefits: you can take a bath in the good energy right away. The energy is ready for everyone who wants to come in.

Come in. Be welcome.


Meditators, Well-wishers, Co-creators

Reiki-curious participants who are not practising reiki yet can meditate with us: bring your good thoughts! Start playing with the creativity tools that have become integral to our Friday sessions.

These creativity tools go well with each other, support meditation, open your mind to purpose and pleasure and to wisdom and input from intuition.

Our creativity tool kit for the sessions are travel-ready, heavy-duty, palm sized versions, or copies, of the creativity tools you have selected and tailored to your liking. I explained why handmade, hand-written and tactile creativity tools are sensually more engaging and gratifying than digital creativity tools. Eventually we gravitate toward what works for us, but as we develop our creativity tools, it is good to at least have applied our hands once in the process.

I asked for the next step: the portable model, protected by a silicone sleeve the size of an ID card, or of a much reduced volume and weight (in comparison to the originals) to fit into a wallet, back pocket or purse, foldable, easy-to-clean, damage-proof, and, if nothing else comes to mind, photos of your creativity tools… This is a bit more work, I admit, and worth the hassle.

Our three creativity tools are

1. your bucket list / action map / vision board

These terms are not quite interchangeable. But they allow for the widest spectrum of preferences and individual expression. “Bucket list” may be the most descriptive word for experiences “we have to have” (!) while we live and can and what this creativity tool will feature proudly, distinctly and conspicuously.

2. your gratitude container

A gratitude journal, notebook, zipper folder, jar or box.

Any container of your choice that invites you to drop your grateful realizations and memories into.

Keep it near your bed. So it is the first and last thing you see every day. In the morning, it is a clue to be grateful for another day of living and to vibe with the frequency of gratitude from the first waking moments; in the evening, it is a clue to jot down what you are grateful for; and if you wake up at night, it is there to write into and read and fall back asleep in a kinder, calmer mood.

3. your Gallery of Mudita

One spot for your team of advisors, mentors and role models, people who have achieved something that you hope to materialize, too. Hopefully, most of them are still alive. And, they are human.

One spot means: a shelf, an album, a clear stadium bag, a clear box, a notebook…

Take a photo of your Gallery of Mudita. Or get it printed onto foldable material, for example a cloth or other pliable, thin material. That is what you will bring to the sessions on Friday.

You wore T-shirts with bands, musicians, subcultural and cultural references before. (Hopefully not brand names for free. No hard feelings, if you did, ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa! It is just bizarre to volunteer as a walking ad for ultra rich companies that are not reimbursing you for it, while there are endorse-worthy, wonderful initiatives on the planet struggling to gain attention that would make awesome attire logos. But hey, we all have done things that don’t make sense upon deep thought, ha ha haaaa!). So you can envision the benefit of a table cloth, napkin or bandana with your entire Gallery of Mudita printed on it.

What the Gallery of Mudita is not:

a space to display notable motivators such as pets and babies, or inspirations from the fictional or extraterrestrial realm, or non-physical supports like spirit guides, angels and other friendly entities from subtle realms, totem animals, sheddings from power animals, mineral kingdom favourites, plant allies or much loved plants.

All these can be kept in a prominent spot. Give them their own category.

Sculptures, figurines and artsy renditions of deities and personalities from scriptures we draw inspiration from or the courage to cultivate virtues, accumulate merit and be strong and loving people are great props for meditation, contemplation, chanting, prayer and lightwork. The boundaries of who fits into the Gallery of Mudita and who does not get a bit blurrier here. Well, let me just say: if you can not phone them, and ask for a consultation, keep them in a separate special place.

Mikao Usui, the patron and founder of our practice, although no longer with us, brought us together in the practice of reiki and may be a candidate for everyone’s Gallery of Mudita, because his teachings and legacy are still alive in us.

The value of environmental affirmations of the sacred is evident to me, so I am not too strict here. Try to limit the creativity tool Gallery of Mudita to characters who overlap and have common ground with the objectives on your bucket list (creativity tool #1), who are ahead of you on the path that you plan to be on and who are serving you on the real plane.

Place everything else that affects you positively and brings out the best in you and puts you into a grateful and reverent mood in celebratory spots that do not merge with your Gallery of Mudita.

Other Ambiental Supports and Mood Setting

If I haven’t mentioned something else that lets you feel awe for life and sets up the mood for meditation, be free to bring a portable reminder of it to the session.

Sonic beautifiers, your meditation cushion or mat, softer clothes, an aromatherapy lamp, edible seasonal potpourris, candles, solid perfume, rose water, orange blossom water, tiger balm and plant cuttings are examples of ambiental supports.

I am not talking about addictive intoxicants, obviously. It deserves mentioning, though.

I am talking about items that provide comfort and promote receptivity and both alertness and relaxation. With simplicity and a few favourites, you can not go wrong. Festive “extras” enrich the experience and cue your mind to “This is sacred time. This is meditation.”

If in doubt, go without (stuff). We live in an era of info overload, visual clutter and broadcasts of too many things at once. Edit to feel more tranquil and serene.


Reiki Practitioners

All our reiki practitioners (and reiki teachers) are sending reiki to everyone present here and their tool kit.

We hold the vision of our circle in complete health and complete joy — whether or not you are working on topics and have a tool kit.

For future Earth Sends, it is better to bring your tool kit to sessions. Reiki will circulate through it and support where you are heading.

After we have let reiki circulate through our circle and our tool kits, we send reiki to all the names on our reiki request lists.


Healing Requests and Personal and Group Healing Lists

Be Fair to the Group

Do Your Part

If you have requested reiki for yourself, do your part to recover from what you want help for and to manifest your wish.

For example:

Go on dates, if you requested spiritual assistance in order to find “your person”, a suitable partner, someone to share your life with. Get to know people. Ask friends to invite you to events and to play matchmaker. Expand your network. Introduce yourself to people you want to get to know.

Go to the exam in order to get the certificate and the qualifications that you are after — when you have asked for reiki to ease your test anxiety.

Go house hunting, if you want to buy a home — as the group is sending light and good thoughts for you to succeed.

Put your home out for sale, if you want a buyer — while you rely on us sending good luck thoughts and love.

Go to the audition.

Apply for the job.

Complete the book that you want to publish.

Test drive the vehicle.

…. And so on!

You asked that we assist you energetically for something good, or better, to manifest. Do your part, do what you can do now, and it will happen.

Staying put in front of a screen hoping that the stars will align, complaining to practitioners that you are “not manifesting”, seeking sympathy while not doing enough and not making moves in the correct direction, is not as uncommon as you might think, unfortunately. It can not bring what you desire to you — even with potent reiki and prayer support in your back. No, you have to act! You have to cooperate with your wish. (Do not demoralize the people who are rooting for you.)

Now, some people, who shall remain unnamed, became the reason why I emphasize participation in your healing and in your wish manifestation.

Be fair to the group means that you agree to inform us when you no longer need healing and assistance. Let us know about your success, when you have manifested what you have asked support for, and have good news to share! Inform us, too, when you have changed your plan and are focusing on a new thing.

You can request healing for other people, animals, and a region in peril, too. Keep updating the group about these cases to the best of your ability.


Gaia, All My Relations, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Interbeing

Team Up

Now more than ever is an auspicious time to be a good neighbour and to get involved in local restorations of the ecology, in repairs to community spirit, in peacemaking and other activism that tugs at your heart, which is where you find people with similar values working in teams for a shared goal and who are on a compatible life path and make great peers and friends for life.

Restorative Reciprocity

Rainbow Tribe Reiki is a communal type of reiki, inspired by the Earth’s template of life forms benefiting each other and forming networks and community.

We support all efforts to become wiser and to live better and more connected.


Group Focus for this Session

Well-being of all life.

Sanity and unity and harmony.


Personal Intention For this Session

Useful questions to ask yourself are

What do I hope for in this session?

What energies do I want to anchor in the place I dwell in?

to come up with an intention that you can put yourself behind and that benefits you and the web of life.

Some intentions that work for many participants could be one or all of the following:

“I welcome all the resources I need. And I respect, and I am generous with, my abundance.”

“May my participation serve the enlightenment of countless beings.”

“By being with this Circle, I draw to me what is for my higher good.”

“By being with this Circle, I discover what I am compatible with.”

“By being with this Circle, I connect with what I resonate with.”

“For the highest good of all. For my highest good, too.”

By formulating an intention for your meditation, you train your mind to make the best of your time. You also customize and bring yourself into an experience that can feel vast, unboundaried and perhaps not even inclusive of you, as it grounds you in your own life that is a (small, yet active!) piece in the web of the living world.

Our life is where our power, our agency and our life force is. So we bring our awareness to the life that we live and know.


Inner Smile

Run the Taoist Inner Smile through your body now.

Remember to run it through your body once a day, at least, in the coming week.


Land and Watershed Acknowledgement

As we move into our reiki session, we connect with the land under our feet. We connect with the respect its first people gave it — by observing its peculiar traits, the water cycle and its ebb and flow, and how sky and earth interact–, and with the festivals around harvests and other good news to celebrate. Yes, the original residents tended the land like it was a treasure, because it was their treasure, their giver of food, entertainment, appreciation, spiritual observations and reasons to get together. They identified and propagated edible and medicinal plants, strengthened and beautified the land and made it more useful to the community and more fertile. We acknowledge the link between land and human beings and all who walked and grew here before us. We say thanks for the opportunity to shape our corner with our individual gifts and our awareness of the good fortune we have been given and to increase its hardiness and vitality and productivity and enjoyment.

We also connect with our watershed, the local source of life, refreshment and purification. Thank you, water. Please forgive us, water. We love you, water.


On this day, we take refuge in the Earth Send (sangha), in the five precepts of reiki (dharma) that relate good conduct, self-correction, good will, amity and readiness to take in the good that is available here and now, and in the wisdom keepers we open our hearts and minds to (buddha).


The five reiki precepts are

Just for today

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will work honestly

I will honour my teachers and elders

I will be grateful for all the blessings I enjoy

Those precepts are food for thought. We bring sincerity to our walk with them. We are learning what they are telling us about how to live a fulfilling life and what behaviours and attitudes in us need adjustment on this day.

We are grateful to the people who already live by these precepts, and we cheer for them.



What made you feel glad to be alive this week?

Can you detect activations and lucky synchronicities in any of your manifesting goals?

Write about them and deposit your words into your gratitude container.



How is your self-care?

Are you becoming kinder to yourself since you have been meditating with us, or reading my writings?

How is your sleep?

Do you eat the right foods for your body? Or do you need to course correct?

Do you remember to drink enough water? How could you remind yourself to drink enough water?

What do you think about exercice?

Have you played with a different work-out lately?

Is there anything about your grooming routines that you would like to take to another level?

Am I forgetting an area of self-care that appeals to you and that feels essential to you, or compelling? What is it? When are you starting with it?

Imagine being well taken care of. What does that feel like?

Write down what comes to mind as you reflect on these questions. You probably have a few platinum insights!


Self-Care Reminder For the Coming Week:

Choose something from your replies that you will put into action in the next seven days.

Keep fine-tuning your creativity tool kit and organize your action map into clearer ideas.


A Word of Advice:

The creativity tools are almost deceptively soft and playful, and they have an impact.

A tendency can rise to copy what someone else has put on their vision board, into their gratitude list or into their Gallery of Mudita.

It could be unconscious or conscious or both, driven by some desire to create rapport, get attention, get approval, or feel closer to someone. Maybe we are crushing on that hottie and want to impress him (or her) with a parallel plot. Well, from the outside in, we can not tell what someone else’s life lessons are and if indeed they are on a train that we need to jump on, too.

It is not a good idea to misuse our creativity tools in this way and to abandon genuine goals for such kicks.

Neither are our bucket lists and action maps something to rush through, especially not if we find ourselves in a chapter of “no ideas” about what we want and where we are heading. This is not a work or school assignment to placate the boss or the instructor with and get an award for speed, conformity, efficiency, self-sufficiency, what have you….

Leave space for gaps if you have no idea what to put down into your creativity tools.

That liberates energy and attention for what you can change in your situation now. In many cases, that is more than you see.

Do not frown on your heart’s desire, or compare yourself to people who seem to “know”, “always get” or seamlessly communicate what they long for and how they will manifest it.

The creativity tools are yours. Thanks to them, you are embarking on a journey that is unique to you.

Of course, some goals on a bucket list involve other people, a community, family or a significant other. Let these alignments form easily, lovingly and authentically.

In the meantime, and even with your other social commitments, give yourself permission to focus on topics like health and talent cultivation and what you were born to do. You have things you came here to do.


May this Friday boost your joy of living and regard for all that is going well for you.

I am grateful to some amazing shifts that I have witnessed around me recently and to the mighty waves of luck moving toward me with sublime super duper love.

I bow to the universal life energy flowing through us all on this fragrant day in spring. I humbly receive.

Until next Friday.

Make your May Day fabulous.

26 April 2024



Nanda Jurela

Writer. Poet. Educator. Holistic healing facilitator since 1995. Water, Gaia, music lover. Garden grower. Mindfulness appreciator.