Earth Send On 25 August 2023

Nanda Jurela
13 min readAug 25, 2023

“As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world.” — Buddha

Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

santosha/Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome, co-creators, welcome friends, to this gorgeous Friday in late August. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

The Earth Send began in June 2005, and it has been going on every Friday since. We sync by the day, not by the hour. From the 24 hours available in each region, you select the time that suits you best.

An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers you prompt and cumulative boons: you can take a bath in the good energy right away. The energy is ready for everyone who wants to come in.

Come on in!

If you do not practise reiki, you can meditate with us and bring your good thoughts and play with the few tools I recommend.

Those tools are

a gratitude container:

A gratitude container is a journal, a box, a scrapbook, a jar or a vase where you deposit your words of gratitude. Of course, you can drop objects that express your gratitude into it, too, or keepsakes, photos and tickets that remind you of events that you are grateful for.

While you accumulate your thoughts and memories about gratitude, do not overthink the shape of the storage container. Stay focused on the content.

Select the container that fits your needs later when you see how you like to record.

Pin boards for your manifestation map, vision board, “shopping list”, action map

Made from cardboard, cork, a magnetic dry and erase surface, a chalk board, even burlap or fabric. Plain thick paper with a substantial surface or unused large picture frames will do, too.

As you fill your manifestation board, you will determine the right frame for it.

Advanced vision board makers can use digital versions, for example Pinterest, as their wish board.

If you have to shop for supplies, craft shops offer many options. You can probably DIY a bulletin board from materials that are already in your household, or buy it second hand. I always see boards and picture frames in vintage markets and thrift stores, or I spot them by the road on garbage pick-up days. They are everywhere. Seriously. Affordable surfaces for your vision board are everywhere.

Choose less precious materials in the beginning, so that you can play and get messy with your board and trim all tendencies to worry about expenditures or doing it wrong.

When your vision board feels complete, take a photo of it and get it printed. One in poster size, the other a wallet size. You can hang up one and carry the other discreetly in your purse or pencil case.

Many manifestation experts favour three big goals.

A collection of humbler, achievable goals can get you going, though, I learned by experimentation. (I kind of like smaller goals, because I am a big picture thinker, and my time management could improve. Checking off wee goals and low hanging fruits is quite satisfying. If you sense that it could motivate you, too, try this approach: put more goals onto your action map. Should it get too crowded, removing done deeds will feel good.)

your Gallery of Mudita

A list, a memo board, a journal, or a shelf and corner in a room — whatever is practical and possible. A piece of paper is great for a start.

the Island of Self

is fed by satisfying and gorgeous summer scenes and lives in your imagination.

In order to gain more from your mindfulness practice and this circle, include these self-discovery tools. They rev up your senses, your self-awareness and your attention span, and customize your meditation.

I have a few more zippy tools up my sleeve. I plan to share them when we have these first tools down pat. I only introduce tools that enhance the experience of the inner planes and bring exponential results and are fun. The more you do them, the more fun they are.

We who practise reiki are sending reiki to our circle and to our manifestation memos first. Then, we are sending reiki to all the names on our reiki request lists.

Be free to ask for spiritual support for any region that is in the process of peace building and stabilizing its climate and its society. It can become a focus for the day.

I suggest that all wildfire-damaged regions are our focus today.

Honour your perception about a setting that would be a worthy recipient of good thoughts and group healing. Hold it in your awareness. Imagine it fully healed, humming with life force and loved.

You can request support for your own region, too.

Request love as you bring love to it. Now is an auspicious time to get involved in community and eco restorations and in peacemaking, and to be a good neighbour. We support all efforts to live better, wiser and more connected.

Love, calm and wholeness are intentions that you can broadcast to almost all situations that enter your field of perception.

By taking part in our Earth Send, you connect with the morphic field of blessings and loving broadcasts in human consciousness, and you are contributing to the world you want to live in.

Let’s Adjust Our Sails As the Wind — the Chi! — Blows

Your sunlit, fragrant, light-hearted and cloud nine memories of summer are going to form the template for the Island of Self.

The Island of Self was a concept the late Buddha taught his students — an inner oasis they could return to in order to renew themselves and regain their composure and their groove.

We will revisit the Island Of Self often later in the year… For now, get your vitamin D while you can. Let the sunshine in! Let the beauty in! Let the goodness in! Come on, baby, let the good times roll.

Focus for the morphic field

Harmony and unity and sanity

We are grounding ourselves in harmony, unity and sanity.

We are inviting everyone who vibes with it. May new friends and soul connections find each other. May we feel safer and more at home, as we recognize who we can team up with. May the earth benefit from our cooperation, shared goals and friendly unions.

As you ground yourself in harmony, unity and sanity, you may be picking up diverse impressions about our home planet. Some sites are in deficit of wisdom and love, while other sites are in surplus of wisdom and love and can teach us.

Let these sites be as they are. Let them be different.

… Become Teachable, And Mist Everything Else! …

Keep learning from high vitality, restorative, pristine, thriving, enchanting and luxuriant sites.

Accept what you know and feel about places that are neglected, contaminated, ailing, fragile, evacuated and at risk of conflicts.

Mist these sites with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Mist the buildings and the resident restorers, the animals and people that remain, nurture and reeducate, with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Mist your feelings and thoughts about these sites with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Anytime you feel upset thoughts or feelings rise in the coming week, mist the situation, the place, and your reactive inner processes with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Notice how this fine spray hydrates you and your inner processes and the sites that call for more wisdom and love.

Check-In With Your Vital Energy

How are you feeling?

What made you smile this week?

Run the Inner Smile through your body today.

Take advantage of the rich late summer sunlight and solarize your water. Drink your sun water from a clear glass. (Not from opaque bottles and cups. And never from plastic vessels.)

Charge your water with thanks and love today. Water is a magnificent teacher. Dr. Masaru Emoto suggested that its three atoms –2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen — were the ideal proportions 2:1 to heal our attitudes, our relationships and our connection with the earth. 2 portions of gratitude and 1 portion of love.

His proposition intrigued me.

At first, it pained me, though.

Sometimes we can only correct ourselves and our choices when we have an epiphany. The proportions of 2 x gratitude and 1 x love were an epiphany to me.

Heterosexual women in particular should consider the formula of 2 x gratitude and 1 x love when we commit to new relationships.

How is your self-care?

Have you been kinder to yourself?

How do you feel about self-kindness now?


◦ getting enough sleep,

◦ eating plant food,

◦ drinking enough water,

◦ getting enough exercice


◦ basic grooming…

— what else could self-care be to you?

How would you know that you are treating yourself well and that you are well taken care of?

Imagine how your life would feel.

Keep browsing for ideas of self-care that you have not tried before and that sound interesting and that you will explore. This weekend, do something that recharges your batteries. It can be short and sweet. Do not skip it, though.

Let me offer something out of left field — seemingly, not really — that applies to many peers:

Consider that cleaning up your life is the greatest gift you will offer your loved ones and the community of all beings.

You can give yourself a future away from old conditionings. You can refresh your life in ways you can not fathom yet — if you put things in order.

Some people expect that putting things in order will take a year, or two. But what is a year, or two, in a lifetime? When the outcome puts you onto a much better trajectory, ooooommmmmm.

Let me say it another way: poor financial health and legal or red tape chaos will rob you of equanimity and confidence. It never contributes to sanity, inner safety and power from within.

Observe your approach. Think about where it needs tweaking. Life is finite. Fixing real life challenges may be a massive redirection to knowing yourself as real and, thereby, to taking good care of yourself.

Self-care can go beyond the cosmetic; it can be profound and holistic. It can give you a so far unknown appreciation for life and for who you are.

What Are You Grateful For Today?

Thank you for bringing your gratitude container to our circle today. Feel the warm feelings you have when you look at it or touch it.

Are you grateful about some things that surprise you? Have a few new themes surfaced? Can you feel those themes more now?

What do you have in abundance?

Can you perceive your true needs and preferences?

Over time, gratitude will direct you to priorities:

you will notice what to do more of and what to do less of.

Detach a little from unwell and unproductive activities and from unkind, frustrating characters.

Give your time and love to the things you like and to the people you get along with.

What is going well in your life? What uplifts you? Can you amp up your appreciation for it?

As you write about gratitude — from your heart and life –, the reasons to be grateful for are piling up. You are offering your mind abundance and healing… Keep writing!

Check-in With Your Recent Manifestations

Notice how far you have come. Recall where you were last winter. You are moving forward!

You are investing in your well-being now. So expect new arrivals and new departures. Fresh fascinations are arriving, and less compatible energies are departing.

What manifestations has life presented in the last weeks? Do any point to your vision board or goal map? Any signs that your goal map, your vision board has been activated?

…Be open to clues that, in the invisible realm, things are being shuffled and rearranged and that your heart’s desire is coming closer to you….

This week, I did my Artist Date (thanks to the wonderful Julia Cameron for the practice!) at a park I had never been to and an adjacent neighbourhood. I checked out the library and a few hangouts. Letting myself “get washed” by the greenery was restorative and pleasant. I had a witty book with me. But the most healing thing about these two hours were the tall trees everywhere and the canopy of juicy greens and muted maroons. I will go there again to take in the scenery and get into a good state of mind.

Gratitude to the Season and the Land

How familiar are you with your watershed, your soil, your ecosystem? Do you notice the land more, its seasons and subtle transformations?

Have you looked into permaculture, water retention landscape and river rejuvenation methods? They are a solution to weather related challenges. They can be applied to our own properties, on a micro scale. They will strengthen our plants, keep the soil covered and let it absorb more rain water, and, over time, balance the water cycle and stabilize the climate.

At the onset, these measures are a bit time-consuming and work intensive; but all other options, including ignoring global weirding, are a growing burden on our resources and time and provide no answers whatsoever.

Let us acknowledge the soil we live on and the people who got familiar with it and gained deep, experiential knowledge about how to make it thrive.

I say hello the Anishinabe Algonquin, on whose ancestral soil I am on. Hello to the plant and earth lovers who approached this land and its first nation with rapport and respect.

Gather Evidence

Heroes, Sages, Mentors — Your Gallery Of Mudita

A “Hangout” For Your Support Team!

Mudita is an old concept that translates to “delight in the virtuous”. So the Gallery of Mudita is a collection of human beings who we recognize as virtuous and in whom we delight.

Those are heroes, sages, mentors and people we look up to who accomplished something that we would like to achieve, too, and who ideally make themselves available to us, if not personally, through educational programs, public sharing, memoirs, their creativity or legacy.

Professional — and private! — advisors are wonderful candidates for your Gallery of Mudita, as they have already touched your life path and your motivation.

So are aspirational figures who have results to show for, a quality of skill or the quality of life that you feel drawn to.

Your Gallery of Mudita should also feature a few people who embody where you are going next.

Gather your personal champs and human motivators in one place. You are giving yourself a boost in “can do” and “know how”, as they could and knew how.

We do not put ourselves into the Gallery of Mudita. What we appreciate about ourselves, our positive traits and our feats, goes into our gratitude container.


Our Goal Maps, Action Maps, Shopping Lists, Dream Boards, Vision Boards

Reiki is circulating through your gratitude container and your manifestation board today.

From now on, bring both to the circle.

Align With The Five Reiki Precepts

Just for today, we are freeing ourselves from anger and worry and are taking control of our minds. We say thanks to everything positive in our lives. We are honest in our work. We fondly remember those who raised us, taught us and turned us into lifelong learners.

Help Yourself Practise

(On Fridays … And When You Said You Would)


What is a realistic time for you to participate?

Figure it out, and commit to it for a few months. See what happens.



Look around your home… Which corner would make a good retreat and meditation space?

Claim it for that purpose. It is a place to return to when you can not relax, meditate or do healing work outside.


For privacy and comfort, a sheltered place with a green screen or enveloping, “cocooning” foliage, a secluded garden, terrace or beach or a tucked-away grove are terrific places to spend mindful time in.

Ambiental Supports

The setting where you can unwind, soften, drop into the body and breathe is free of clutter, tidied up and soothing…

Add comforting and refreshing elements to it. The goal is to linger in the quiet and stay awake.

If you get sleepy easily, help your body and mind to stay alert.

We all have fallen asleep during a session. Choose a time when you are sure to stay awake and have enough energy. Spice up your space with whatever stimulates the sense of fresh air and intrigue.

The body takes what it needs. If you give it too little sleep, it will take it when you relax. If you keep falling asleep every time you relax, allow yourself more sleep at night. Even 20 minutes more make a difference.

To Keep Under Your Body

A blanket, a meditation cushion, a yoga mat, a beach straw mat, a beach towel are great choices.


Gongs. Bells. Mantras. Tranquil meditative music. Repetitive drumming in the background. White noise and nature sounds.

Or the actual music of nature, and no added sound!


can be very atmospheric. Make sure they are not too heavy and overpowering. A lot of people get headaches and brain fog from cheap, adulterated, synthetic essential oils and from incense.

Your best bet are subtle, recently harvested and alive scents. From living plants. Or from plant matter that you burn or mist from a spray bottle; from pure essential oils in an aromatherapy lamp that disperse into the air; or from potpourris of petals, citrus skins and herbs swimming in a bowl of hot water or in water simmering on a contained fire source, like a backpacking stove, a candle or tea light.

Stay Hydrated

Plenty of water or tea.

Water is a necessity, not a suggestion. Keep it near.

Be mindful of what you feed your subconscious

Keep visual objects — sculptures, imagery, moving lights and decor from something found in nature — friendly and calm.

Although not necessary, most people enjoy some ambiental touches that promote serenity.

Accept your tendency to think about the sounds and the objects around you.

You can not go wrong with simplicity, cleanliness and spaciousness.

What To Look Forward To

Prolong the time you savour your blessings this summer.

Record, record, record.

A beautiful journey is ahead of you!

I will be back with more writings in mid September. Even without my verbal invitation on 1 and 8 September, the Earth Send is happening. And you are invited to it!

Until then, I am following my own advice by putting things in order and treating myself well.

May This Day Be Of Benefit To You

May your water, your cold water, your hot water, your solar water, and coconut water taste great!

Relax and be in a bright mood today.

May harmony, unity and sanity spread in us and spread out.

I humbly receive. I bow to the universal life energy. I bow to the arrival of blessings for you and for me.

25 August 2023



Nanda Jurela

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