Earth Send On 22 March 2024

Nanda Jurela
5 min readMar 23, 2024


Painting by Peder Mørk Mønsted (1859–1941)

Welcome, co-creators, co-meditators, well-wishers and co-practitioners to this serene Friday in early spring (or early autumn in the Southern hemisphere — kia ora). Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

On this day, reiki is flowing through your three creativity tools — action map/vision map, gratitude container, and album of advisors, confidants and mentors/Gallery of Mudita — and toward the fulfilment of your goals.

On my end, there is no update on any healing requests. It is the first time in close to 19 years that this happened! And I embrace it: we can send healing to our projects, to ourselves and to our circle.

Please keep bringing your three creativity tools to our sessions, so that our good thoughts can activate and bless them and that reiki can saturate them.

I have been convinced that pinning down, writing down a few goals is monumentally useful and the antidote to putting it off, bottling it up, doubting yourself and coming back to it. You are giving yourself a chance of reaching your objectives within a reasonable time once you keep a representation of them or a list near you, as a reminder of where you are heading. Display your objectives in places where you pass by often, or leaf through them in quiet moments.

Perhaps your goals are too private to share, or you imagine them too insignificant for the big wide world, but they are deeply meaningful to you.

In our time, it is easy to get distracted, to agree to an otherwise appealing, or perhaps even a mediocre, compromise, to respond to urgent situations and to get lost in the chaos of the outer world. When you have something to return to, you centre yourself and direct your life proactively. The currents of life do not shake you up so much.

Checking off items on your bucket list is marvelously satisfying. It lets you come alive with appreciation and vibrancy. You also find yourself on the continuum of asking and receiving. You witness that you receive when you ask. You perceive that wish fulfillment is more than an abstract idea that sounds cool but has nothing to do with the conditions you live in or you. You notice that you are participating in it.

For this reason, stick to a handful of goals, or one big goal, and put yourself behind it 100%. Define what you want as precisely as you can. Make it measurable. When it arrives and becomes yours, it has to be obvious that you got what you had asked for.

Once you can check it off as done, go ahead and pin down your next goal or the next mini cluster of goals.

This simplified and very clear process helps you take in that your efforts lead to outcomes and that there are answers to your requests. It also helps you clarify hazier ideas about other desires. Words mean different things to different people. Take the time to specify what is of importance to you, and you make it so much likelier to become real.

Over the years, I have observed a staggering number of people who use their practice as an escapism. So far, I haven’t offered a whole lot of words to the problem. Let me come to the point: you are doing yourself a disservice.

It is neither necessary, nor useful that you learn a “less stressful” vocabulary for the felt sense of being overlooked or forgotten, of being maxed out or drained, and of having no way out of a complex or heavy situation, or learn some jargon that lets you fit in with people who may be going through similar experiences. It is obvious that you are longing for a different life. The good news is that you can shift your way of life, your habits, your priorities and your destiny toward a reality that is a lot more fulfilling. What is required of you is an assessment of what can realistically be transformed and give that transformation a shot, an honest shot.


It does affect how you feel about your lot.

Over time, what you do affects, shapes and boosts the quality of your life. You discover more to be grateful for, you find information that is reliable and that works for you, you come in touch with networks of individuals who have committed to your values, too, and with these doors opened, fortuitous opportunities to move forward with drive, joy and speed open, too.

Escapism is a vacation of sorts, a break from the familiar. Self-development is about expanding the familiar and becoming involved in what you care about and not staying in the spectator role, nose glued to a window into another world that for some reason you can not belong to. I have heard this sense of being excluded, “kept out” and never quite belonging articulated in so many different ways that my head spins when I recall it. In all fairness, it was rarely an objective experience.

So instead of getting a cliquish, cryptic and technical language down pat, it makes more sense to dig into the plane of emotions and locate the source of these reactions. We can decide that from now on we are giving ourselves what we truly need and what we need to thrive and be happy.

Dissociating from feelings and putting an interesting spin on all the reasons why one can not have what one wants has become strangely popular, but I detect no upgrade from it.

My catchwords for this day are

PURIFY yourself for the good coming your way.

MAKE SPACE for the good coming your way.

BALANCE activity and rest and reset for the long journey ahead.


Happy growing to all of us who grow food, striking plants and unforgettable flowers in this season.

Stop and smell the flowers. Of course! After the long cold season behind us, it is a delight to be in a greening, scented and vigorously growing scenery again. Stop and smell the flowers is also a metaphor for acknowledging what is good about life:

what is serving us, who is backing and loving us and what is developing well at this moment in time.

I will keep this invitation compact, because I am participating in an educational event this evening, and I plan to be on time. I am excited about this event. Whenever I can, I keep Friday free for inner work, self-restoration and energy transmissions. (Lately, my need for self-care and self-restoration is getting louder. Uh oh. The last years have been trying. I haven’t come up with a plan yet.) Special occasions crop up at times, and I accept the invitation to something good. Just for today I am grateful that I made space for a promising segment on my Friday.

May this weekend wake up your inspiration and your awe for nature and serendipity. May this month of March give you the green light to tackle what you can change and the self-discipline to detach a bit more from what isn’t yours to change.

In gassho, I humbly receive.

22 March 2024



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