Earth Send On 18 August 2023

Nanda Jurela
15 min readAug 18, 2023
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Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

santosha/Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome, friends and co-creators, to this fine Friday in August. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

The Earth Send began on a Friday in late June 2005, and it has been going on every Friday since. We sync by the day, not by the hour. From the 24 hours available in each region, you select the time that suits you best. A session typically goes for 20 min to 45 min. On some Fridays, some of us do up to three sessions. When it feels good, it feels good! Even 10 min of your time given to Earth Send will benefit you significantly.

I missed one session so far. I ended up stuck in an airport on a Friday night, years ago. So I sent reiki retroactively in the wee hours on a Saturday. My attendance has been perfect. Ha ha. Before this Earth Send formed, I already participated in another Friday reiki send for the earth, started by Carolyn Jackson from the Innate Foundation, since March 2001. By 2005, I had tweaked my schedule toward reserving Friday for healing work. In the years that followed, I managed to raise a child, take care of my family, work in and outside of the home, travel, move, live in several hardiness zones and have a life — while Friday was the day when I do my healing work.

In case it sounds unthinkable and undoable: where there is a will, there is a way. Friday is the highlight of my week. I look forward to it. It is more about healing than about work. At times, “work” is involved, though. I am not finished. I close old chapters. I open new chapters. I am in midlife now. There are still many dreams to be realized. I can not lean back in nostalgia and satisfaction about what I made happen. I am not dabbling, for the first time, in subtle interests… Usually, people come to healing when they are my age now, while I have 28+ years of close to daily practice under my belt. We make our decisions at the time when we are “ripe”. I made a life-improving decision when I was super young, and I am glad I did!

An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers immediate and cumulative boons to you: you can take a bath in the good energy without a lot of prep. The energy is ready for all who want to come in. So come on in!

If you do not practise reiki, you can meditate with us, bring your good thoughts and play with the few tools I recommend.

Those tools are

  • the Island of Self;
  • your Gallery of Mudita;
  • a list of desired experiences and outcomes you want to manifest put together on a vision board, a “shopping list”, an action or manifestation map, or digitally, on a Pinterest board;
  • a gratitude container: a journal for your gratitude lists, a box of keepsakes that symbolize what you are grateful for and where you can deposit your words, a gratitude jar or vase… For simplicity’s sake, use what you have on hand!

To me, journals are the most practical for manifestation maps, gratitude lists and the Gallery of Mudita. They are portable, closed to other eyes, lightweight, handy for spontaneous scribbles and offline.

Other people prefer something touchable, dimensional, anchored in one place, unmissable and visible.

Then, gadget people want to use their iPad, tablet or phone.

Go with your preference. It is right for you!

As we go on, I will add a few more tools that will enhance your experience of the circle on Fridays.

We who practise reiki are sending reiki to our circle and to our manifestation memos first. Then, we are sending reiki to all the names on our reiki request lists.

You can ask for spiritual support for any region that is in the process of peace building and stabilizing its climate and its society. It can become a focus for the day.

I suggest that Hawaii is our focus today.

Honour your perception about an unnamed recipient of good thoughts and group healing. Hold it in your awareness. Imagine it in great health, humming with life force and very loved.

You can request support for your own region, too.

Consider the moment — postpandemic socializing, ecological crises on our doorstep, people wanting better for the future and learning, and you becoming more self-responsible — it is a golden opportunity to meet people with compatible values. Approachable, bright, true-hearted people in local networks might embrace you with open arms. It is an auspicious time to get involved in community and eco restorations and in peacemaking. And be a good neighbour.

The argument about temperament and personality and learner profiles need not cramp your development as a human being, by the way. Healthy introverts have dependable friends for “situations” and emergencies, too, and make themselves available.

We support all efforts to live better, wiser and more connected.

Love, calm and wholeness are intentions that you can broadcast to almost all situations that enter your field of perception.

By taking part in our Earth Send, you engage with the morphic fields of blessings and loving broadcasts in human consciousness, and you contribute to the world you want to live in.

Let’s Adjust Our Sails As the Wind — the Chi! — Blows

Keep filling yourself up with the luscious gifts of summer. Juice in the land and in seasonal fruit, flowers filled with nectar, “electronic” cricket concerts, blue mind near waterscapes, sunlight on the skin, no rushing, adoring, a profusion of inspirations… The memories of summer will form the template for the Island of Self.

The Island of Self was a concept the late Buddha taught his students — an interior oasis they could return to in order to renew, mend and compose themselves.

We will pull out the Island Of Self later in the year… and revisit it often. For now, let the goodness in! Let the sunshine in!


Focus for the morphic field

Harmony and unity and sanity

We are grounding ourselves in harmony, unity and sanity.

We invite everyone who vibes with it. May new friends and soul connections find each other. May we feel safer, more buoyant and more at home, as we recognize our allies, chums and team members. May the earth benefit from our unions.

As you ground yourself in harmony, unity and sanity, you will be picking up diverse impressions about our home planet. Some sites are in deficit of love and wisdom, while other sites are in surplus of love and wisdom and can teach us.

Let these sites be as they are. Let them be different.


… Become Teachable, Mist Everything Else! …

Keep learning from high vitality, restorative, pristine, thriving, enchanting and luxuriant sites.

Accept what you know and feel about places that are neglected, contaminated, ailing, fragile, evacuated and at risk of conflicts.

Mist these territories with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Mist the buildings and the resident restorers, the animals and people that remain, nurture and reeducate, with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Mist your feelings and thoughts about these sites with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Anytime you feel upset thoughts or feelings rise in the coming week, mist the situation, the place, and your reactive inner processes with the fine spray of harmony, unity and sanity.

Notice how this fine spray hydrates you and your inner processes and the sites that call for more love and wisdom.


Check-In With Your Vital Energy

How are you feeling?

How was your week?

Run the Inner Smile through your body today.

August offers plenty of sunlight. Take advantage of it and solarize your water. Drink your sun water from a clear glass. Not from opaque cups or bottles, and never from plastic vessels.

Charge your water with thanks and love today.

How is your self-care?

Have you been kinder to yourself?

How do you feel about self-kindness?

Self-care is a somewhat new idea to many of us who have been prone to self-neglect or taking on more than is just. Beyond adequate sleep, food and water intake, basic grooming and exercice… — what else could self-care mean to you? How would you know that you are treating yourself well and that you are well taken care of? Imagine how your life would feel.

Your ideas about self-care may be unbaked and all over the place. You are browsing for things that you haven’t tried and sound fun and that you will consider. Accept where you are at. Commit to self-care in the ways you find useful and know how.


What Are You Grateful For Today?

Thank you for bringing your gratitude container — your journal, box or jar — to our circle today.

What stares back at you from your gratitude list? Are you grateful about things that astonish you? Have a few themes surfaced? Can you feel those themes more now?

What do you have in abundance?

Your life may be chock-full of good things that you can be grateful for. Write it all down. You will notice more of it.

You might be waking up to what you can do more of and to what you can do less of.

Detach a bit from unwell and unproductive activities and from unkind, frustrating characters.

Give your time and your love to the things you like and to the people you get along with.

Can you identify your true needs and preferences?

Go over what is blooming in your life and what uplifts you. Can you boost your appreciation for it?

As you write about gratitude, the reasons to be grateful for are piling up. You are offering your mind abundance and healing… Keep writing!


Check-in With Your Recent Manifestations

Notice how far you have come. Recall where you were in January. You are moving forward!

You are investing in your happiness now. So expect new arrivals and new departures. Fresh fascinations are arriving, and less compatible energies are departing.

Has life presented signs that relate to your vision board or goal map? Could you add an extra mood booster and a meaningful subject matter to your vision board?

Watch out for clues that, in the invisible realm, things are being shuffled and rearranged and that your heart’s desire is coming closer to you.

This year, I noticed a lot of whites and purples both in the landscape and in local gardens, and more recently, pinks. White and purple evoke purification and the upper chakras; purple is about forgiveness, wealth and an evolved consciousness; pink is about the heart chakra, exuberant joy and love.

How interesting that these decorous and crowd-pleasing colours proliferate. Nature must have thought that we need them. Gardeners chose them, too. Obviously, we need them.

I also “walked into” a few shops and offices with a “tricky” situation. I thought solving it would take an enormous chunk of my time and a series of appointments. I got out of these buildings happy that it got done on the spot and elated about how helpful, prompt and competent they were.

Of course, I am bringing my business to them again!

As we learn to appreciate our resources more, we use our money (and lifetime!) on people who give us their best and want to serve us. We replace service providers who overcomplicate, are rude and demonstrate that they don’t care about our business.

Good people around us are treasures. I treasure them today!

I was in a super mood for the rest of the day. People commented on it.

The night before, I had walked through my city, charmed by its opulent summer beauty… In the last three years, I had let go of so many people who brought stress and attitudes to me, too little thoughtfulness or good news, and no positive surprises, not even once… I was in utter and giddy gratitude that I had distanced myself and that I was living in such a good place — spatially and inner-spatially.

I will not say that they were “bad” companions. But they made choices that would keep them inert, obsessing about grudges and complaints, stuck in self-sabotage. I couldn’t be around those energies anymore.

I let go, and I did not go back.

I am positive that I can see more good in the world now, because those people, who clashed with my energy and were quite vampiric and, par for the course, bothered by my constructive mindset, are gone.

So I was already flooded with appreciation and gratitude on the night before, and I met those cool people who were ready to help the following day.

What about the hunch I mentioned two weeks ago?

Well, I ended up a bit busier than usual. I do not have enough to report on yet. I will say more about it in the coming weeks. What my intuition communicated to me is on my agenda!


Gratitude to the Season and the Land

How familiar are you with your watershed, with your soil, with your ecosystem? Do you notice more about the land around you?

We can no longer ignore that the weather is unpredictable, disruptive and extreme in many places. Weather related challenges — too little water, too much water at once, tornados, forests catching fire and burning… — have a solution:

The methods of water retention landscape, river rejuvenation and permaculture offer excellent, durable solutions for making the soil more receptive to heavy downpour and to irregular irrigation, for stabilizing plants against heavy winds and extreme weather mood swings, for proactive damage control and for promising, abundant harvests.

The good news is that we can do our part on our own plots and, even on a micro scale, in planters. We integrate those solutions in the conditions that we have. We learn in the process and become co-creators. We no longer accept the spectator role for fear programs.

One person choosing self-responsibility is an inspiration. A thousand people are a movement. A million people are a trend. Hold the thought!

Let me acknowledge the lands we all live on, the people who have left us with good soil and the knowledge about how to make it thrive.

I want to acknowledge the Anishinabe Algonquin, on whose ancestral soil I am on, and all the plant and earth lovers who approached this land and its first nation with rapport and respect.

I ask you to acknowledge your soil, too, and its people who cared for it and learned from it and were fed by it.


Gather Evidence

Heroes, Sages, Mentors — Your Gallery Of Mudita

A “Hangout” For Your Support Team!

We can add Mikao Usui to our Galleries of Mudita, since he was instrumental in bringing us together. While we did not know him personally and many facts about his life are a mystery to us, we know that he wanted reiki to be used outside of his culture. He believed in reiki and he taught it to all who wanted to learn it.

Mudita is an old concept that translates to “delight in the virtuous”. So the Gallery of Mudita is a collection of human beings who we recognize as virtuous and in whom we delight.

Those are heroes, sages, mentors and people we look up to who accomplished something that we would like to achieve, too, and who ideally make themselves available to us, if not personally, through educational programs, public sharing, memoirs, their creativity or legacy.

Professional — and private! — advisors are great candidates for your Gallery of Mudita, as they have touched your life path and your motivation.

So are aspirational figures who have results to show for, a quality of skill or the quality of life you feel drawn to.

If you play an instrument, a virtuoso musician goes into your Gallery of Mudita. If you teach, an exceptional teacher is your hero and your (telepathic, if inaccessible) mentor. If you are a chef, an amazing cook belongs into your Gallery of Mudita.

You get the gist. I do not have to go through every possible vocation and profession.

If, on the other hand, you had trouble keeping a roof over your head or holding down a job (lightworkers tend to have topsy-turvy lifestyles, before they begin to heal), someone who was reliable in their work and kept their house in good shape goes into your Gallery of Mudita. You don’t have to glamourize them to understand that they have an edge over you and that it is time to clear up the big question about your basic needs.

If you had many health scares, someone in robust health and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle is someone to consider for your Gallery of Mudita.

We are all different. Some of us look for an attentive health provider. Some of us look for a stable home. Some of us look for a new employer. Some of us look for a record deal. Some of us look for a publisher. Some of us look for buyers. Some of us look for a significant other.

Manifestation meets you where you are at. Your Gallery of Mudita should feature some people who embody where you are going next.

Bring your personal champs and human motivators into one place. Give yourself a boost in “can do” and “know how“, as they could and knew how.

We do not put ourselves into the Gallery of Mudita.

What we appreciate about ourselves, our positive traits and our feats, goes into our gratitude container.



Our Goal Maps, Action Maps, Shopping Lists, Dream Boards, Vision Boards

Reiki is circulating through your gratitude container and your manifestation memos today. Bring them to the circle. Voilà!


Align With The Five Reiki Precepts

Just for today, we are letting go of anger and worry, we say thanks to everything positive in our lives, we are honest in our work, and we softly salute those who raised us, taught us and turned us on to lifelong learning.


Help Yourself Practise

(On Fridays … And When You Said You Would)


Choose a time when it is realistic for you to participate. For better results, commit to this time in the long run.



Claim a corner in your home as your retreat and meditation space.

It is a place to return to when you can not meditate and relax and do healing work outside.


For privacy and comfort, pick a sheltered place with a green screen or enveloping foliage, a secluded garden, terrace or beach, a tucked-away grove…

Ambiental Supports

A decluttered, neatened up, soothing space is the setting where you can unwind, soften, drop into the body and breathe… Make it as comfortable and as refreshing as possible. So you can linger in the quiet and not fall asleep.

If you get sleepy easily, help your mind and body to stay alert.

We fall asleep during sessions. It happens… If you want to be a regular meditator, spice up your space with whatever stimulates the sense of “fresh air”, perspicacity, and curiosity. Choose a time when you are sure to stay awake and have more energy.

To Keep Under Your Body

A blanket, a meditation cushion, a yoga mat, a beach straw mat, a beach towel…

(I am fond of straw mats! I like their smell, and I learned that they neutralize radiation.)


Repetitive drumming in the background, mantras, gongs, bells, tranquil meditative music…

(I am partial to drumming. It clears up the energy. Whenever I have the option in a workshop, I like a tabla or any drum to loosen us up and to sonically structure the event.)


A nature-mimicking, light perfume creates a mood.

Incense. Essential oils in aromatherapy lamps. Hand-gathered potpourris from petals, citrus skins and herbs on a contained fire source such as a tea light or candle.

Stay Hydrated

Plenty of water or tea.

Water is not a suggestion. It is a necessity.

Be mindful of what you feed your subconscious

Keep visual objects — sculptures, imagery, moving lights — peaceable and reassuring. If in doubt, put it away or cover it. Anything that can irritate the eyes and agitate or depress the spirit is best avoided.

Some Hindu and Catholic depictions of scripture can be high drama and stirring. Some spiritual and faith symbols can be disturbing. Some statements can bring up tension. Some artwork is too graphic — for a quiet place and a quiet state of mind.

Accept your tendency to think about the sounds and the objects around you.

Because I do think about someone’s accent, pronunciation and rhythm of speech, I think about wind and fire (and it doesn’t calm me at all), I think about what touches my skin, I think of the sources of discomfort when I am not fully comfortable, I get rid of everything that disturbs my peace.

I keep it unplugged, fuss-free and mostly fire-free on Fridays. Simple!


What To Look Forward To

Savour the rest of the summer to the max!

Prolong the time you savour your blessings.

Random fortunate events — such as me walking into a shop and coming out “done”, satisfied and beaming about how easy it was — are legitimate blessings. The symptoms of intuition switching on and of shifts in energy and consciousness toward compatibility are everywhere, when you let yourself see them.

Get all the tools that I recommended. Start playing with them. Your Gallery of Mudita, your manifestation surfaces, your photos and glue, your Pinterest board….

A beautiful journey is ahead of you!


In early September, I am taking a short break from announcing Earth Sends.

I will be at a retreat, and when I return, two rooms will be repaired. I will be completing the reorganization of my household; then help my son (Gen Z!) declutter his room and transition to the fall semester. Oooohh, I hope I can make these plans happen in the time I gave myself.

The Earth Send is happening — even without my verbal invite on 1 and 8 September. You are invited!

Make use of my silence: play with your vision board, your gratitude writing and your Gallery Of Mudita.

With our nifty little tools in place and elan restored, we will be rolling in mid September.


May This Day Be Of Benefit To You

Keep drinking your water, your cold water, your hot water, your solar water, and coconut water.

Be content and find your groove today.

May harmony, unity and sanity spread in us and spread out.

I humbly receive. I bow to the universal life energy. I bow to the arrival of blessings for you and for me.

18 August 2023



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