Earth Send On 15 March 2024

Nanda Jurela
3 min readMar 16, 2024


Artwork by Daria Ostrenko

Aloha, co-creators, co-practitioners, co-meditators,

welcome to this sunlit Friday in mid March. Welcome to Earth Send. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to this reiki send for us and our alignment with universal life energy and for everyone who asked for reiki, love and full healing.

Keep your three creativity tools — [a] your vision board / action map, [b] your gratitude container, and [c] your album of mentors, role models and advisors / Gallery of Mudita near you in this session. We are letting reiki circulate through everyone’s three tools. A stronger, more fulfilled you makes a stronger and more fulfilled group, so realizing our objectives is of mutual benefit, a boost to our team and for the highest good of all who gather here. Non-practitioners can send hearty support for every participant’s manifestations.

Acknowledge the land you are on and the land keepers of the past and present. We give thanks to the people who have learned to live well in their region, who saved seeds and sowed them, who pruned and propagated edible bushes and trees, who processed the harvest so that it fed the whole community in nature’s resting phase, who stimulated, selected and bred the healthiest plants in the region and who fed the soil with compost before another growing cycle began. Perhaps you are becoming their continuation now. What luck and what an honour to be that!

In the Northern hemisphere, the longer daylight and milder temperatures, the buds emerging on bushes and trees, and the new plants pushing through the soil nudge us to seasonal clean-ups and garden tasks. So many dark green, so-called bitter herbs, weeds and leafy vegetables with remedial properties — encouraging healthy liver and gallbladder function — are pushing through the soil between late winter and early spring. I came across a recipe of alternative capers made from dandelion buds, and I want to try it. My brother-in-law who continues to create fascinating dishes, drinks and botanical medicine for the love of it mentioned to me that he already made it, no surprise, and that dandelions are not quite like genuine capers. Yeah, “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”, as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sang with conviction, but because local meadows are going to be full of dandelions in the near future, I will avail myself of what is abundant, free, underappreciated still, and so beneficial.

Thanks to this season and thanks to your two hands, the land is getting a glow up. I wonder what you are being nudged to change, do or continue? Are you being nudged to make space?

Making space for the life of your brightest dreams requires effort and it is so worthwhile. We never regret opening to and welcoming what we want, even though we make it and let it happen with fluctuating energy, confidence, will power and receptivity. At times, we all dance with fear. Only do not let fear stop you from dancing and from making your next best move. Do make space for inspiration, for support from the subtle realm and from knowledgeable and generous people and for more gratitude than you deemed possible.

At a time of bold clearing and seizing the power we have, brevity is the soul of wit. Please enjoy our session today and take the good energy into your weekend. Happy co-creating.

Itadakimasu. In gassho.

15 March 2024



Nanda Jurela

Writer. Poet. Educator. Holistic healing facilitator since 1995. Water, Gaia, music lover. Garden grower. Mindfulness appreciator.