Earth Send On 12 April 2024

Nanda Jurela
11 min readApr 12, 2024


Magnolia buds in my neighbourhood. © NJ

Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

Santosha / contentment, with Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome, co-creators, welcome friends, to this feel-fine Friday in mid April. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

The Earth Send

June 2005 — now

We are observing our 19th anniversary in the last week of June. The experience of nearly 19 years of Fridays is unthinkable. Yet we have been doing it. And we still keep showing up. We rock! Much respect.

We Sync

On Fridays

By day only. Not by the hour.

From the 24 hours available in your region on Fridays, choose a time that works best for you.

Then, stick with it for your convenience and ease.

How You Benefit From Participating

An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers you prompt and cumulative boons: you can take a bath in the good energy right away. The energy is ready for everyone who wants to come in.

You are welcome!

Meditators, Well-wishers, Co-creators

Participants who do not practise reiki, can meditate with our circle, bring good thoughts and start playing with the few creativity tools that I promote. These creativity tools go well with each other, wake up your awareness of pleasure and purpose, support your meditation and receptivity to wisdom and yield amazing results in a pretty short time.

Some creativity tools have gone mainstream by now… Many people are familiar with vision boards or action maps or action lists, or versions thereof.

If you already have a vision board, bring it to the session.

A portable alternative, like a photo of it or a wallet size copy, can be useful, as it is less precious and light-weight, and the original can stay in its spot. You probably put some thought into where you put it up! So leave it where it is, and use the lighter and small version in this session.

If you don’t have a vision board, write up a list of your main goals, and come to the session with it. You can polish up your list before next week. Then, bring along your updated map, board or list that depicts your future. Work with that as your creativity tool.

In many Earth Send invitations of 2023, I have covered the ways you can set up a goal map that makes sense to you in your situation. Yes, it is key that your objectives fit you and improve your reality, that you can believe in them and that you can imagine yourself getting them, even if now they feel out of your league and do not exactly match what you have been used to until “yesterday”, and that they are so measurable that you can clearly tell when you have reached your goals.

A time frame to complete your objectives can be helpful. For example, a year: we easily project into a year’s time and find it doable! Shorter goals feed your sense of success, and that is something, too; while subsequent, long-term goals are better broken up in stages to keep you engaged with your vision for your life.

“Seeing my grandchildren 6 times a year” is a legitimate goal that feels joyous and credible to the manifestor, for example… Add some preferred months and days to it, and it is a straightfoward plan. Hey, you will make it happen.

If, on the other hand, you never had the income, the contract, the expo, the relationship, the vacation, the home in that type of ‘hood, the motorcycle… and so on… that feature on your vision board, there is always a first time. Prep your mind for this first time by getting clear on what you want and what about it is essential and non-negotiable. If your aim is way outside of what is palpable and habitual to you, break it up in smaller units to give yourself markers of progress and settings to process that you are moving toward it. These smaller units are also reminders to you to cooperate with the process rather than keep your ideas on the mental plane.

It is okay to dream big. In order to manifest a dream, make yourself available to your dream.

A gratitude container is another creativity tool that has become popular with people of all ages in the last decade. You can write simple lists on paper, or into a journal (if you journal about gratitude, it is a gratitude practice! — kudos to you), or deposit words, tokens and keepsakes of what you are grateful for into a functional and decorative container. Keep it near your bed, if you can, so that the first and last thing you see every day is your gratitude container, and you can reach for it pronto. A gratitude container raises your awareness of everything that is going well for you and of the goodness that is already in your life in the here and now. It accentuates the experiences that you find delicious and pivotal. And, it nudges you to repeat them!

The Gallery Of Mudita is a creativity tool that grew out of the exercice “Gather Evidence” that what you want has already been made real by people or someone ahead of you.

Mudita is a Sanskrit word that translates to the spontaneous joy we feel from the good news, good fortune and happiness of others. This sentiment is not exactly encouraged by the zeitgeist, but it is important that we offer ourselves a milieu to let these feelings flow freely and easily and profusely… And who is more suitable as a recipient of mudita than the people who mentor and advise us, who we look up to and who have indeed achieved something that we would like for ourselves? (Of course, we can let mudita flow to the people we know, too. Lucky are those for whom it is a daily event!) Now, for the creativity tool “Gallery of Mudita”, we select people who have something in common with the aspirations expressed on our vision boards:

people who have already come into possession of a slice or of the whole pie of what you want for yourself, people who are able to mentor you, give you direction, tips, background info, or a strategy…

Put their names, faces, or photos in one spot — onto a large poster, into a clear stadium bag, into a journal or a box, or onto a shelf in your home.

Take a photo of your Gallery of Mudita, so you have a portable version of your team of advisors and role models, and bring the photo to our reiki session.

Keep the Gallery of Mudita human and not-you.

Angels, nature devas and beings from subtler planes may be among the best helpers in the worldliest of dilemmas and circumstances, but we limit the Gallery of Mudita to people who have incarnated and are able to give you input in person, over the phone, in writing or through teaching materials.

If you want to showcase ethereal helpers and objects that have sacred meaning to you on a tray, a fire place, a table, behind glass or in a bowl, that is fine. A lot of healing practitioners, meditators and manifestors have some exhibits that resemble altars and are not to be touched by just anyone and are shorthand for “connect with my higher power”. You can call that a creativity backdrop, a meditation aid, a festive invitation to a reverent, grateful and inspired state of mind.

You can carry a portable version of it, too, a photo, for example, whenever you are participating in a Friday session away from it.

Do not fuse your mini-oasis with your Gallery of Mudita, though. Let each have their own function.

So the creativity tools to bring to our sessions are your handy copies or versions of

  • your action map / vision board / action checklist
  • your gratitude container
  • your Gallery of Mudita

I will refer to this trio of creativity tools as your session tool kit.


Extras / Ambiental Enhancements

If there is something else that lets you feel mindful, meditative and in awe (of life), let it support you as you participate in this session.

I myself am partial to mantras and relaxing music that I weave into my Friday Reiki Sends. At times, I prefer silence. I held many Reiki Sends without extras, except the occasional bouquet of flowers and a tiny photo of Thich Nhat Hanh. Lately I appreciate the power of sound and sung words that are old and classy and have an energy of devotion and devotional praise.


Reiki Practitioners

We who practise and teach reiki are sending reiki to everyone present here and their session tool kit.

We hold the vision of our circle in utter health and utter joy — whether or not you have a tool kit and topics you want to work on.

For future sessions, it is better that you bring your tool kit, though. Reiki will circulate through it and support where you are heading.

After we let reiki circulate through this circle and everyone’s tool kit, we are sending reiki to all the names on our reiki request lists.


Healing Requests, Personal and Group Healing Lists, and FAQs

I am working on putting the FAQs in one place that I can refer you to, for example, questions about how to make a healing request for yourself, for someone you know, for a land mass in peril, and how to return a bit of feedback about a situation that has healed, about the healing recipient who has recovered and is well now, and that a healing request has been fulfilled and that something else is current at this point.

A plain yes to “Be Fair To the Group” and to “Do Your Part” in your own healing is practical for both the receiver and the senders.

I want to point out that healing practitioners are among the most giving and caring individuals who do not always notice when they are near burnout and who don’t give themselves enough opportunities to rest and often put others’ needs before their own. Most of us need to learn to pull away from turbulence and create a lifestyle of more calm and order. Our vision boards should feature an element (or two!) of self-renewal and attention to self and commitment to balance. A life put in order is a gift to you, to your loved ones and to everyone you serve and keep serving. Give yourself permission to level up and make your life heaven on earth. Give yourself permission to receive reiki and practical help and pampering gifts and compensation and repair and mutuality and joy. Give yourself permission to work on yourself and on YOUR EVOLUTION.


Group Focus for this Session

Sanity and harmony and unity.

Well-being of all life.


Personal Intention For this Session

A good question to ask yourself is

  • What do I hope for in this session?
  • What energies do I want to anchor in the place I dwell in?

Use your answers to come up with an intention that you can put yourself behind and that serves you and the web of life.

Some intentions that work for many participants could be one or all of the following:

“I welcome all the resources I need, and I am generous and respectful with my own abundance.”

“May my participation serve the enlightenment of countless beings”.

“By being with this Circle, I am drawing to me what is for my higher good.”

“By being with this Circle, I am discovering what I am compatible with.”

“For the highest good of all, and for my highest good.”

By formulating an intention for your meditation, you train your mind to make the best of your time. You also personalize and bring yourself into an experience that could feel a bit distant and undefined, as it puts a spotlight on your life within the living world.

Our life is where our power, our agency and our life force is. So we bring our awareness to the life that we live and know.


Inner Smile

Run the Inner Smile through your body today.


Land and Watershed Acknowledgement

As we head into our reiki session, let us connect with the land under our feet. We connect with the respect and love its first people gave it — by observing its peculiar traits, the water cycle and its ebb and flow, and how sky and earth interact–, and with the celebratory appreciation of harvests and good news. Yes, the original residents tended the land like it was a treasure, because it was their treasure, their giver of food, entertainment, gratefulness, spiritual observations and a reason to come together. They identified and propagated edible and medicinal plants, manicured and beautified the land, made it more fertile and useful to the community. We acknowledge the link between region and human beings and all who walked and grew here before us. We say thanks for the opportunity to shape our corner with our unique gifts, our appreciation and awareness of the good fortune we are given now and to increase its health and hardiness and its productivity and felicity.

We also connect with our watershed, the local source of life, refreshment and purification. Thank you, water. Please forgive us, water. We love you, water.


On this day, we find security in the Earth Send (sangha), in the five precepts of reiki (dharma) that express right conduct, self-correction, the will to take in the good that is available here and now, amity and good will, and in the wisdom keepers we open our hearts and minds to (buddha).


The five reiki precepts are

Just for today

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will work honestly

I will honour my teachers and elders

I will be grateful for all the blessings I enjoy


Gaia, All My Relations, and Interbeing

Restorative Reciprocity

The earth is a community of life forms. Many indigenous and old languages have no word for loneliness, and the earth is not exactly a planet of loneliness. Subjective reality might suggest solitariness or “loneliness”, and you have joined here as a single person, I guess, and maybe you have recently split from old associations, but you have trees outside of your home, a plant, a pet, or even human companions in your house… Open your mind to your community and what it needs. Become more conscious of the relational reality we all live in.

Do not use temperament, learning style, personality and astrological profile or “geography” as an excuse to avoid people and deprive yourself of a circle of friends. It is key to be surrounded by people you can rely on by mid age, or earlier. If you are middle-aged now and you don’t have that, it is time to reach out and work on having good relationships and choose better people, and to not isolate, but to network. Starve negative attitudes about humanity. They are not your own, but something we have been poisoned with.

Rainbow Tribe Reiki is a communal type of reiki, inspired by the template of our planet and its communal and relational make-up.

We support all efforts to become wiser and to live better and more connected.

Team Up!

Now more than ever is an auspicious time to be a good neighbour and to get involved in local restorations of the ecology, in repairs to community spirit, and in peacemaking, which is where you will find people with solid values who function in teams, show up with kindness and wisdom, and make good peers and friends.



What made you feel glad to be alive this week?

Do you notice micromovements or leaps in your manifestations?



How is your self-care now?

Have you been kinder to yourself? How do you feel about self-kindness now?

How is your sleep?

Are you eating the right foods for you, or do you need to course correct this week?

Are you drinking enough water?

What is your exercice like? Would you like to try a different work-out? When will you do it?

Is there anything about your grooming that you would like to improve?

Have I not mentioned something about self-care that has been appealing to you lately? What is it? Will you implement it this month?

How do you feel when you imagine being well taken care of?


Self-Care Reminder For the Coming Week:

Do more of what fills up your batteries.


May this Friday be full of wonder, beauty, sighs of well-being and friendly surprises.

I humbly receive. I bow to renewal, blooming and love.

12 April 2024



Nanda Jurela

Writer. Poet. Educator. Holistic healing facilitator since 1995. Water, Gaia, music lover. Garden grower. Mindfulness appreciator.