Earth Send On 11 August 2023

“August is the Sunday of summer.” — MaK Cov

Nanda Jurela
13 min readAug 12, 2023
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Welcome to the Circle of Mindfulness

santosha/Rainbow Tribe Reiki — Fridays, all day

Welcome, friends and co-creators, to this lucky Friday in August. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to Earth Send.

The Earth Send happens every Friday. At the time that is best for each participant — on Friday. It started in June 2005, and it will keep going for a long time. An established grid of love and healing such as ours offers epic advantages to you: you can benefit from it right away, and the energy is ready for everyone who wants to come in.

Come on in!

If you are not a reiki practitioner, you can participate in our circle as a meditator and a well-wisher.

We who practise reiki are sending reiki to our circle and to the manifestations we are working on first, then to all the names on our reiki request lists.

Be free to ask for spiritual support for any region that is in the process of peace building and stabilizing its climate and its society. We can make it our focus for the day. You can keep your request to yourself, but respect your perception and include it into your good thoughts, distant healing work and prayers.

You can request support for your own region, too. This year, the signs of global weirding are obvious to all who are exposing themselves to the air. Participate in the restoration of the ecology and the community, if you can, in local peace making and in good old neighbourliness. We are honoured to spiritually support all growing efforts to live better, gentler, wiser and more connected.

Love, calm and wholeness are intentions that you can broadcast to most situations that enter your field of perception.

By joining this Earth Send, you are engaging with the morphic fields of blessings, goodwill, warm intent and the fine, high vibrations of love in human consciousness, and you are contributing to the world you want to live in.

Let’s Adjust Our Sails As the Wind — the Chi! — Blows

It is the year’s peak of vitality, wealth, warmth and beauty in the landscape. We have been harvesting fruits and vegetables, taking summer breaks, visiting beaches and beautiful retreats, savouring it all… This is what this month is for! When winter comes, we will recall the mellow, honeyed, intimate hours of summer and the inspirational profusion that this season was offering.

The sights of summer that you are savouring now will add to your personal vision of the Island Of Self: the waves, the blue sky, the feeling of the sun on your skin, the aroma of leaves, fruit and warmth-loving flowers, the breeze, the unhurried pace, the sense that it is okay to be and play, the seagulls’ excited communications in the air, present moment awareness, receiving mode, the tingles of being pampered, feeling at peace and fully relaxed.

The Island of Self was a notion the late Buddha taught his students — as the inner oasis they could return to in order to renew, mend and compose themselves.

We will pull out the Island Of Self later in the year. For now, fill yourself with as many impressions as you can, while you can.


Focus for the morphic field

Sanity and unity and harmony

We are grounding ourselves in harmony, unity and sanity.

We invite everyone who vibes with it. May new friends and soul connections find each other. May the earth become safer, happier and lovelier, because we are recognizing our allies, chums and team members.

As you ground yourself in harmony, unity and sanity, you may be picking up diverse impressions about our home planet. Some sites are in deficit of wisdom and love, while other sites are in surplus of wisdom and love and can teach us.

Let these sites be as they are. Let them be different.


… Become Teachable, Mist Everything Else! …

Decide that you will be learning from high vitality, restorative, pristine, thriving, enchanting and luxuriant sites.

Accept your information and your emotions about places that are neglected, contaminated, ailing, fragile, evacuated and at risk of conflicts.

Gently spray these territories with the mist of harmony, unity and sanity.

Gently spray the buildings and the resident restorers, the animals and people that remain, cultivate and educate, with the mist of harmony, unity and sanity.

Gently spray your feelings and thoughts about these sites with harmony, unity and sanity.

Anytime you feel upset thoughts or feelings rise in the coming week, gently spray the situation, the place, and your reactive inner processes with the mist of harmony, unity and sanity.

Notice how this mist hydrates you and the information you are taking in and the sites that call for more wisdom and love.


Check-In With Your Vital Energy

How have you been feeling?

How often have you run the Inner Smile through your body this week?

Have you drunk any solar water in this sun-rich season? Remember to drink it from a glass. Not from opaque cups, jugs or bottles, and never from plastic.

Have you charged your water with thanks and love and other high thoughts, as Masaru Emoto taught?

How is your self-care?

Have you been kinder to yourself?

Is the idea of self-kindness sinking in?

Self-kindness is a combination of self-compassion and self-care activities that strengthen you, that boost your health and happiness and savvy, and that free up the energy you need in order to do what you are meant to do and to have an impact.

In the last Earth Send invitation, I suggested that inner growth is a re-parenting process and as demanding and nurturing as a new garden in a new, to you, terrain would be.

There are times when inner growth makes you glow, and there are times when it will seem to slow you down and distract you; and it is up to you to bring your focus back to where it belongs.

I used my own example of having to help myself water a new garden to illustrate that we have to strengthen our responsibility to our new projects. Because these activities are new to us and we have little to no backwind, supports and proficiency to draw from, and plenty of detractors, it is key to apply the solution that enables you to show up consistently and to create a pattern that you will eventually rely on.

Self-care may be a new concept to many of us, especially when it goes beyond sleep, food and water intake, basic exercice and basic grooming. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you have no fuel in the tank, find yourself in a health crisis, and have no idea about how to begin. Accept your attitudes about it, and commit to it, still, in the ways you can — today.

Reiki precepts, recovery groups, behavioural experts and great coaches affirm daily renewal. “Just for today” is how you approach everything that you want to grow.


What Are You Grateful For Today?

Good for you, if you have brought your gratitude container — your journal, your box, your jar — to this Circle today.

Have you been writing down what you are grateful for?

Do you notice idiosyncratic, surprising, murmuring things that you are grateful for?

Do you notice anything new about your gratitude snippets? Are there recurring themes? What do you have in abundance?

Your life may be full of good things and repletion that you will notice and appreciate more, once you turn your focus to it…

How could you give more time and love to the things you like and the people you get along with?

What wouldn’t hurt to detach from a little?

How can you connect better with your needs and likes? Is your life coming alive with flavour and colour? Are you detecting the good, the wholesome and the awesome elements in your life?

Bravo. Bravissimo! Keep writing! The more you write about gratitude, the more abundance and healing you are offering your mind, and the more reasons to be grateful for you can find.


Check-in With Your Recent Manifestations

Notice how far you have come. Recall where you were months ago. You are moving forward!

Because you are investing in your happiness now, expect new arrivals and new departures. Fresh fascinations are coming in, and less compatible energies are pulling away.

What has life presented to you that is on your vision board or goal map? What else could put on your vision board that thrills you?

Let the sunlight in! Take in the sun rays. Drink water permeated by sunlight. Eat plant food that is sunlight made digestible. Be present to all the other manifestations showing themselves to you.

Last weekend, my parents observed their emerald marriage anniversary. To add to their celebration, I reflected on what I would say to make them feel even better about it. I dug into everything they had to know in order to make this event happen. Longevity by itself is not a chief factor of affection and well-matched spousal love. But 55 years are not nothing either and deserve acknowledgement, too. Oh, they are happy, and feel lucky about their partner. I look forward to partying with them soon.


Gratitude to the Season and the Land

What have you learned about your watershed? What do you know about your soil and its history? Do you notice more about the land around you and the ecosystem?

This month has brought highly unusual weather to many regions on all continents. The strategies of permaculture, water retention and river rejuvenation are solutions to most weather related challenges. And we can integrate them on our own properties! These measures may seem microscopic on the planet, but they allow us to gather data and learn, to improve the soil that we have, to engage as co-creators — instead of as consumers of fear messaging and fear jargon — and to become knowledgeable. One person choosing self-responsibility is an inspiration, a thousand people are a movement, a million people are a trend. Who knows what can be achieved by moving away from consuming information that is not good for mental health and by moving toward understanding and interacting?

This is certain: volunteering to be a spectator of fear programs and allow cortisol to run through your body is time wasted. Familiarizing yourself with the soil, water and nature’s wealth around you is time phenomenally well-spent.

Let me acknowledge the lands we all live on, the people who have left us with good soil and viable insights about how we can make it thrive.

I also acknowledge the Anishinabe Algonquin, on whose ancestral soil I am on, and all the plant and earth lovers who approached this land and its people with respect and rapport.


Gather Evidence

Your Gallery Of Mudita

Mudita is an old concept, about delighting in the virtuous. A whole gallery of the virtuous will bring this healing practice to another level.

Who is a success story to you that you can be happy about today?

Who are the people who achieved what you imagine for yourself?

Start building your Gallery of Mudita — inspired role models, potential mentors and advisors, luminaries and whizzes — now…

Browse in it often.

Many of the best creativity teachers have shared that they consult their “wise” and “angels” often. Some hang up photos of their resource people and champs on their walls, others keep booklets of their mentor’s and favourite geniuses’ quotes, others leaf through scrap books and albums of their most inspirational people… I developed an informal birthday calendar of the creatives and influences I like to celebrate, am grateful for and look up to. A snazzy wedding booklet I held in my hands years ago gave me the idea for a booklet of My Heroes. I have not got it professionally bound, because I wanted it to be complete. It will be complete in the coming months.

These are ideas of how to bring your own sages into one place. Choose a format that appeals to you now. Modify it, as you collect enough. A simple list will do as a starting point. What is most important about your Gallery of Mudita is that you start collecting who you want to feature.

Using your hands to give your subjects a “hangout” rather than keeping them unnamed, unidentified and fleeting in your consciousness is good for you. You grow in awareness of the qualities that you admire and are probably meant to develop, too. You also grow in appreciation of all the human motivators available to you.

I bet that your Gallery of Mudita has nothing to do with tabloids, the ways you misuse your time, your avoidance to heal what you need to heal, or your excuses. It is an imaginative reminder that being on earth and tending to your true needs is an adventure, that appreciation is a potent, heartening medicine, and that you already have plenty of clues about what your incarnation is about and what gifts you were meant to offer and cultivate.

Noone is put on this planet to live a reactive life. (If you have that disposition, know that you can conquer your flaws, too, and that you have a different mission than just react to what you notice outside of yourself.)

Naming the people who shine in their fields and have a few things in common with you — the ability to make the best of what they got, an outcome that you fancy, too, and extremely useful knowledge — brings them to the forefront of your consciousness. You now have Great Ones to be grateful for, too! You are giving yourself a boost in “can do” and “know how“, because they could and knew how.

We do not put ourselves into the Gallery of Mudita.

What we appreciate about ourselves, our positive traits and feats, goes into our gratitude container.

I want you to think of your own “clannad” of imprints, before I make a few suggestions about who else belongs into your Gallery of Mudita. Your first choices are most suitable to you and will empower you the most. For example, your wonderful grandma, your supportive cousin, an exceptional counselor, a teacher who woke up an interest and people you know well qualify! And it would be a shame to omit them, wouldn’t it? All I can add are characters who expressed excellence in conduct, research, manifestation and belief in their goals, but they may move you less than the people you picked first.

We do not admire the same people or the same people equally. So it is pivotal that you pick out those you admire and why and those you can approach and for what.

The tendency to mirror other people’s preferences or prompts is not useful here, because we do not have the same aspirations, aptitudes and end goals. A cultural icon representing a caliber of skill and polish can communicate short-hand within a large group, but how often have we learned that the famed were not at all who we thought they were? So keep your Gallery of Mudita relevant to you, regardless of whom mass consciousness, controversy and your friends like. The people who gave you astonishing advice in your situation and whose inputs have improved you (!) may not be accessible to others or known at all. Yet they are big time candidates for your Gallery of Mudita, as they have touched your motivation and your life path. That is why I want you to claim your own wise ones first.

Keep the Gallery Of Mudita human.

Other life forms, legends or fictitional protagonists have things to teach, too. But this gallery is reserved for humans.



Our Goal Maps, Action Maps, Shopping Lists, Dream Boards, Vision Boards

Reiki will circulate through your gratitude container and your manifestation memos during this circle.


Align With The Five Reiki Precepts

Just for today, we let go of worry and anger, we are grateful for all that is good in our lives, we are honest in our work, and we warmly recall those who have raised us, taught us and turned us into lifelong learners.


Help Yourself Practise

(On Fridays … And When You Said You Would)


Choose a time when it is realistic for you to participate. And stick with it.


Claim a corner in your home as your retreat or meditation space.

You can do sessions outside. (In summer, when it is not raining hard, I am mostly outdoors for my healing work. I have a few sanctuaries where I like to meditate, too.)

For practical reasons, have a place at home to return to.

Before you get into equipment and gimmicks, accept that a decluttered and welcoming space is most conducive to feeling fresh, secure and a match to the vibes you want to hold and grow.

Gentle music and other light-handed reminders of “here is where I meditate” are good — for as long as they are needed.

If you like ambiental touches, a meditation cushion or mat, a blanket, some scents, sculptures and imagery, a healthy plant, and plenty of water can suggest “haven” and “quiet time”.

Stuff is fun for as long as it helps you move your attention inward. The last thing you want to think about is how to launder those pretty curtains, how to keep the premises clean and what other purchases you want to make — when you are about to meditate. The downside of too much stuff is that you start thinking about stuff instead of connecting with the silence within.

I subscribe to the Less Is More approach. I don’t want to be thinking about another person’s flow of words or rhythm of speech, about my gadgets and when it is time to charge them, or about what would perfect the space or my experience… So I keep it simple, fuss-free and unplugged on Fridays.


What To Look Forward To

The Perseids are peaking tonight and this weekend. Look up. Wish upon a star.

On 15 August, we observe the anniversary of Mikao Usui’s birth. He has brought us together by starting the practice of reiki.


May This Day Be Of Benefit To You

Stay hydrated.

Be inspired, content and wide awake just for today.

May we align with harmony, unity and sanity.

I humbly receive. I bow to the universal life energy. I welcome the arrival of blessings for you and for me.

11 August 2023

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