Nanda Jurela

Dec 12, 2020

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Decorate Trees In The Soil

Bird house tree by Thomas Dambo, in Denmark. Find the cheerful artist at

Holiday decorations look much better on leafless trees than on evergreen trees.

Evergreen trees are already decorated — with their saturated green colours, their needles, their vitality.

I don’t know why that couldn’t be a new trend: decorate trees that have lost their leaves and root in the soil. I just walked through my neighbourhood and saw many colourful decorations made from light recycled objects, small painted bird houses and bird feeders hanging from branches. It was really uplifting to see those little touches of caring that beautify the place.

Most trees like human attention, and thrive from it, so by decorating a tree that is already there and is transitioning into winter mode, you might stimulate it to grow better next year and give you a richer harvest.

1 December 2016


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