Culture Hungering For Love

Nanda Jurela
2 min readAug 28, 2020

Those unaware of the deficit of love in their lives will always be drawn to extremist ideologies and, once lured in with the promise of power (power over others), will join a cult of hatred, seemingly at the drop of a hat.

However sudden the attitudinal change appears to an onlooker, it is actually not random, it has a history. When you look deeply and understand their past, or childhood home, their choices become logical, and expressions of the Law of Consequences.

Keep that in mind, if you are “trying to love” people like that, especially with the “hope” of reforming them. Sure, they will gobble up the love, the caring, the attention; but their hunger doesn’t equal the ability to digest nourishment and use that as fuel to generate love from within; plus, the suggestion of nurturing back the sources of love will offend them, since they don’t operate from love but from greed — for attention, power, and praise.

Although the only way to reeducate people who have been swallowed by a cult of hate is through steady love, they have to be ready to accept it.

You can not affect them by disrespecting their wish for power, their wish to participate in a cult of hatred, or their wish to annihilate what is still kind and wholesome inside them. You can choose to not reward their attention seeking, though.

In the meantime, love people who are capable of responding to love and who may be exhausted. Strengthen the good. This is how you effectively change your own community to a web of love.

The choice to redirect love in this fashion can be tough. Choose what is right, anyway.

on Boxing Day 2017

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