Nanda Jurela

Jun 6, 2021

1 min read

Born On This Day: Diego Velasquez

Self-portrait, Diego Velasquez. Baptized and likely born on 6 June 1599–1660

The ambitious and highly amazing Diego Velazquez was born on this day, in 1599. His paintings are more than subjective shots of a moment in time, they are “movies” that tell a story to the eyes four centuries later.

He worked tirelessly. Thanks to him, Spain recognized painting as a fine art. From then on, painting was more than a craft; it had cultural impact — similar to literature and philosophy.

When I look at his work, I see the beginning of cinema. He might have intended to be a trendsetter… But he couldn’t know that he was training people’s eyes to see in a new way.

6 June 2015

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