Be the Music In the Noise

Photo credit to Freepik

You can’t wipe out ugliness with a little less ugliness, since you are still competing with it. Living out of a reactionary spirit pleases only those who push your buttons. They love it when they get the desired reaction — that is how they win their games that no one else is meant to win. It is you who gets tired by it.

You can wipe out ugliness by offering a fresh energy, order, something that lasts, beauty.

That applies to your home life, to your inner life, to creativity, to politics… Gaia is a relational planet. Crazymakers will learn that eventually too. Focus on better human beings to keep your sanity. Focus on what you want to experience as a result of your efforts. We harvest what we sow — don’t let anyone disturb your sowing.

6 March 2019



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