Be Angry Or Fix the Problem

Photo credit to Shutterstock

You can be angry, or you can fix the problem. So what, if it takes years to fix?

Is it better to search for all the reasons that will raise your blood pressure for a few hours and make you feel justified, even ardently “woke” for a few months, or is it better to press on the mute button and fix the problem permanently?

I understand that only few were raised with that mindset. And that in order to change something for the better, you can not rely on anger alone to transform the situation. What you want is not what feeds your anger and what keeps triggering you, but to have an improved position to work from, more agency and control, more team work, mutual respect, or full responsibility…

First, find the silence within. Let silence show you a path to the solution.

Most man-made problems have a solution. Even problems that are not man-made have a solution. Sometimes you have to reach for a new vantage point and flex your mind to look at the dilemma from different angles. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the conditions in order to comprehend how you can apply yourself. Sometimes you have to trust a fresh approach that has little to do with the past, and allow that approach to heal what is trying to heal. Sometimes there are partial answers. You learn to tolerate that too, that your approach is incomplete. Eventually, partial answers lead you to the solution.

It doesn’t make sense to expect conditions to be perfect, except in theory, maybe, or to wait for the end of some issue — however cathartic such scenarios may be to wishful thinking. Nothing good happens without effort.

Whatever your problem is, avoid getting stuck in comforting vocabulary and avoid getting stuck in anger.

Examine what you can do.

Then, do it.

If you are the first who does something new, encourage yourself, no matter what mood you are in and how lonely you are.

The world is thirsty for innovation. Our time is ripe for solutions.

3 March 2018