Self-portrait, Diego Velasquez. Baptized and likely born on 6 June 1599–1660

Illustration by Harriet Lee Merrion. Find her @

Painting by Anne Cotterill (1933–2010)

Romance In Love, Love In Romance — For May Day

Cindy and Carlos Santana in concert, on 27 April 2011. Photo © RD/ Kabik/ Retna Digital

Lunar eclipse in 2015. Don’t recall the photographer. Would credit him otherwise.

Photo by Gamnor57 on Flickr, 2006. I do like the stainless steel aesthetic and old-fashioned, French glass cloches.

Illustration by © Fabrice Moireau.

Nanda Jurela

Writer. Poet. Holistic healing facilitator. Gardener. Entrepreneur. Water activist. Gaia lover. Music lover. Exploring zero waste.

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