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You don’t have to be militant when you refuse something that isn’t good for your health or when you show your boundaries. And you don’t have to be militant when you share something benign and good. Your impatience and triggers are excess energies that you can build with even more…

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A situation like the one that we are living through since 2020 asks two basic questions:

– What will I do to bring more joy into my life?

– What will I do to bring more joy to other beings?

It is a pity that only a minority of people…

Self-portrait, Diego Velasquez. Baptized and likely born on 6 June 1599–1660

The ambitious and highly amazing Diego Velazquez was born on this day, in 1599. His paintings are more than subjective shots of a moment in time, they are “movies” that tell a story to the eyes four centuries later.

He worked tirelessly. Thanks to him, Spain recognized painting as a…

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When you look at your life deeply, you find that all the resources for the life of your dreams, the life that thrills you out of your mind, are already there. Maybe not in the right proportions, but the proportions are yours to change. But all the good things that…

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