Self-portrait, Diego Velasquez. Baptized and likely born on 6 June 1599–1660

The ambitious and highly amazing Diego Velazquez was born on this day, in 1599. His paintings are more than subjective shots of a moment in time, they are “movies” that tell a story to the eyes four centuries later.

He worked tirelessly. Thanks to him, Spain recognized painting as a fine art. From then on, painting was more than a craft; it had cultural impact — similar to literature and philosophy.

When I look at his work, I see the beginning of cinema. He might have intended to be a trendsetter… But he couldn’t know that he was training people’s eyes to see in a new way.

6 June 2015

Shared on my blog.

Illustration by Harriet Lee Merrion. Find her @

When you look at your life deeply, you find that all the resources for the life of your dreams, the life that thrills you out of your mind, are already there. Maybe not in the right proportions, but the proportions are yours to change. But all the good things that make you feel “so right” are already present in the now, and you know them from the past too, if in seed form or even in rather developed manifestations.

Build on that discovery: let everything grow that you like.

23 May 2015

Shared on my blog.

Spring’s return, painted by Dan Schultz @

Three days of intense sun, and the roses are ready to bloom.

Maybe that is how your most precious ideas can blossom too: expose them to the sun — the light of your awareness — and to the heat — your love.

And what appeared to be some unidentified branches…

Painting by Anne Cotterill (1933–2010)

I am grateful to my mom’s health consciousness, sincerity and artistic gifts.

When I was a kid, I did appreciate her sense of beauty, good eye and widespread creativity. It was only much later that I considered myself very lucky to have had a mother who gravitated to healthy food…

Romance In Love, Love In Romance — For May Day

Cindy and Carlos Santana in concert, on 27 April 2011. Photo © RD/ Kabik/ Retna Digital

At one of his recent concerts, Carlos Santana said many healing truths that made me approve of myself and many of my decisions a lot more.

I was very moved by the synergy within the band and how they give their music to the highest good of all. Because it…

Photo credit to iStock

Happy new moon in this fresh season of vigorous green growth and vitality animated by the longer daylight.

The new moon is in Aries, the youngest and first sign of the zodiac.

Moon in Aries affects your head and eyes.

Seasonal allergies affect the eyes, the face and the head…

Lunar eclipse in 2015. Don’t recall the photographer. Would credit him otherwise.

Just like the joint pine
releases its pollen to the full moon light,
let your powder of thanks, intent, and love
fly into the night of the full pink moon.
It is for the highest good of all.
It is for your highest good too.

Wear the feeling of your…

Investigators in the Canadian West have a history of letting things slide, especially when they deem a case not urgent.

Interesting case. Well written, Megan!

After partner abuse, it may be easy for a woman to move on from the lifestyle and the abuser and not look back. But to turn off concern for and curiosity about the children she left behind? That is quite incomprehensible.

At least to our contemporary sensibilities. (I am sure that it was common in other times, and other places, though less discussed.)

May the family reunion benefit the siblings who did not know about each other.

Photo by Gamnor57 on Flickr, 2006. I do like the stainless steel aesthetic and old-fashioned, French glass cloches.

Cloches, the bell-shaped plant coverings made from glass or plastic, can be used indoors too to speed up the growth of all your plants — your new garden vegetable seedlings and flowers that you will bring out soon and your older house plants whose cuttings you might take or want…

Illustration by © Fabrice Moireau.

Sometimes you get glimpses of the future, a visual piece like a photo or caption, downloaded from where you are heading to… Or a scent… A melody… But even when you can not see what is coming, or smell it, hear it, you surely can feel the future through your…

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